Cell Phone Viruses & How to Stay Away from Them

Shenzhen, China (PressExposure) August 04, 2009 -- Using cell phone to go on internet is very popular nowadays. Some people are even kidding those who don't know how to use cell phones to go online are from Mars. Probably because of mobile phones' large popularity, the mobile phone viruses appear and arise much more attention of cell phones users day by day.

A mobile phone virus, which actually is a computer virus, is devised to spread from one phone to another. It has strong cellular environment adaptability. The first cell-phone virus comes into being in 2004, named Cabir virus. There are three ways the viruses attack WAP cell phones. The first is attack WAP server to cause incapability of normal cell phone message receival, the second is send garbage message to cell phones and the last is directly attack WAP cell phones.

The cell phone viruses might make our cell phone automatically start phones' record function, make calls, delete materials, etc. Unlike computers, we couldn't eliminate these viruses by just killing them or reinstalling the system, we need to go to specific cell phones repairing spots. No cell phones are immune from viruses, no matter we buy from retail/wholesale cell phones [http://www.actfind.com/categories/wholesale-Cell-Phones-and-PDAs/] or brand shops. But we could prevent our cell phones from being infected by adopting the following tips:

1. Note GPRS settings. Prior to set GPRS, delete all the GPRS connection and cell phone dial-up internet access. Build new CMWAP connection and the connecting point is CMWAP. Plus, you'd better understand the ways your cell phone use to connect internet.

2. Detect disorderly code. If you receive calls which show another words or strange signs instead of phone number, you'd better turn your phone off or not answer it, as your mobile phone might be attacked.

3. Monitor message text. Your cell phone might be locked once you read message with viruses. So don't open messages, or resend to others as you receive text from strangers. You should delete it immediately. If you find your phone is infected, turn off your cell phone instantly, take out the SIM card, insert into another model cell phones (different brand is better) and delete the suspicious message. If you still couldn't use your cell phone, you should contact the cell phone service provider and kill them by wireless websites as soon as possible or eliminate via cell phone IC interface or infrared transmission interface.

4. Choose right websites. The fixed, normal websites are usually safe like pdafans, 3gpda, etc. They all could be used to browse internet through WAP.

The above tips and skills could help you reduce your cell phone to be infected to the least degree. Create a secure, happy internet browsing environment by implementing these tips.

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