Cellulaze: An Innovative Way to Remove Pesky Cellulite

New York, NY (PressExposure) March 17, 2012 -- For women past the point of puberty, cellulite is a common topographical condition. In fact, up to 80%-90% of women will develop cellulite at one point in their life.

Cellulite is a definition of bumps and ridges that occur in the areas of the thigh and pelvis. These bumps and ridges are caused by increased flexibility in the connective tissue surrounding fat cells. This allows the fat to “push up,” displaying visual bumps on the otherwise flat surface of the skin.

As the natural aging process happens, this connective tissue continues to become more flexible, leading to more bumps and ridges.

When most women begin to develop cellulite, they believe it is caused by either a poor diet or a lack of exercise. Although both of these factors can contribute to the visibility level of the cellulite, they aren’t the direct cause. Therefore, although diet and exercise can remove portions of fat, it can’t return the connective tissue to its previous state.

Cellulaze, on the other hand, can. By stimulating the body’s natural healing mechanisms, cellulite can be dramatically reduced for an extended period of time. This treatment is vastly preferable to other popular cellulite treatments for several reasons:

• Stimulates natural healing mechanisms
• Minimally invasive procedure that leaves small dot size scars and very little bruising
• Results are seen immediately following the treatment
• In most cases, only one treatment is necessary
• Simple process that rarely takes longer than an hour and a half

With the summer rapidly approaching and “swimsuit weather” coming with it, now is the best time to experience Cellulaze.

About Dr. Diktaban

And who better to provide this revolutionary treatment than Dr. Theodore Diktaban? An accomplished surgeon of 34 years experience, Dr. Diktaban is the body contouring expert, and is well versed in a wide variety of cosmetic surgery procedures in New York City.

One of only 180 physicians in America to be certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology and the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Diktaban has always gone the extra mile to ensure his patients receive only the best in care. Visit http://www.drdiktaban.com for more information about Cellulaze and other cosmetic procedures.

Where many cosmetic surgeons go for an artificial, “perfect” look, Dr. Diktaban focuses on recreating the natural “youthful” look. As a result, any surgical procedure he performs will look extremely natural – because they are!

Ever since Cellulaze was approved in America, Dr. Diktaban has been performing it on patients of all types. Although the procedure is relatively straight forward and has little risk of any serious complications, it’s still best to get an experienced surgeon performing the procedure.

With cosmetic surgery especially, an experienced surgeon is vastly preferable to an inexperienced one. It’s virtually always better to spend more money if it gives you the best possible chance of getting the look you want.

After 34 years of active practice, Dr. Diktaban has built up a reputation as one of the best cosmetic surgeons in New York. For a consultation, contact him directly at http://www.drdiktaban.com.

About Dr Diktaban

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