Chalet Tech Becomes the Official Database Security Provider for Taipei City Hospital

San Carlos, CA (PressExposure) June 21, 2012 -- In June 2012, Chalet Tech became the official database security provider for Taipei City Hospital, a major hospital in Taiwan. Chalet ADS, Chalet CSI and Chalet DB Agent will be deployed to secure Taipei City Hospital databases. These tools now constitute one of the largest database auditing systems to be deployed to protect Hospital Information Systems (HIS) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR).

Chalet Tech has enabled Taipei City Hospital to become a forerunner in healthcare data security. With Chalet Tech's focus on database security, Chalet Tech recognizes that it is critically important to safeguard hospital databases. Not only is medical data security closely tied to personal privacy, it is also crucial for correct diagnosis and treatment. Incomplete or incorrect medical information can compromise medical decision-making, so it is essential that medical information be kept complete, confidential and available to authorized users, yet be safe from tampering, leakage or loss.

Chalet Tech tools provide extensive database security for Taipei City Hospital, with security systems being deployed across 11 sub-hospitals. These sub-hospitals contain a total of 54 databases of three types: Oracle, Sybase and Windows with two OS platforms. Therefore, Chalet Tech will safeguard medical data on a large scale, with alerts during instances of access by unauthorized users and during times of unusual access by authorized users.

Chalet Tech tools will also prepare Taipei City Hospital for internal and external audits. With a unique asset management system, Chalet Tech can create organized and complete digital trails for all database transactions by categorizing all data according to its "Five W's": who, what, when, where and how. As a result, Taipei City Hospital not only has assurance that its data is secure and can only be accessed by authorized users, but will also be prepared to produce a customized audit report for any particular type of data within any specified timeframe.

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Chalet Tech develops purposely-built products and solutions to effectively audit, prevent, and stop unauthorized access to these data assets regardless of the source of or method of attack employed or the type of data store used.

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