Changing Your Attitude Can Improve Your Life According To Noted Educational Psychologist

Huntley, Illinois (PressExposure) June 02, 2009 -- The late William James, a leading educational psychologist and noted Harvard professor, was the first scientist to discover that people who change their attitudes can actually improve their lives. James' theory has been verified in numerous studies over the years.

Based on that theory, a set of unique flash cards known as mindMaster™ Key Phrase Motivators™ have been helping people change their attitudes - and improve their lives - for more than 30 years. "Yes, flash cards that work much like the ones used in grade schools to teach spelling and math," said Phil Grisolia, mindMaster's developer.

Except for its updated packaging, the mindMaster has remained basically unchanged since its worldwide introduction in 1978. Complete with easy-to-follow instructions and a handy travel pouch, the mindMaster Key Phrase Motivators, priced at $24.95, are now available from

"By taking what James discovered, and combining it with what Dr. Hermann Ebbinghaus discovered about how people learn," Grisolia said, "I began working on the Key Phrase Motivators in 1975." It wasn't until 1978, when he was certain mindMaster's Key Phrase Motivators could actually help people improve their lives that Grisolia made the self-paced learning program available to the public.

What Ebbinghaus had learned from his six years of research was that of all the things people hear and read each day, we forget 70 percent of it by the next day, almost all of it within 30 days. He also learned that when people hear or read something several times a day for 7 to 10 days their minds not only capture that information permanently, but information learned that way can actually modify how people behave.

Over a three years period, relying on his social studies background, Grisolia created and tested a variety of motivational and inspirational ideas - what would become the Key Phrase Motivators. "I fine tuned each idea again and again until I was certain that together they actually could change people's attitudes, and help them improve their lives," he explained.

Each Key Phrase Motivator is printed on its own numbered card, 36 cards in all, that together are about the size of a deck of paying cards. "Just as school children use flash cards to make learning easy, people mindMaster's Key Phrase Motivators the same way," according to Grisolia. "Now, in just a few minutes a day, virtually anyone can learn how to improve their life by taking control of their life," he explained.

Because mindMaster's handy travel pouch fits nicely into a pocket or purse, the Key Phrase Motivators can go anywhere you go. And mindMaster's simple 1-2-3 instructions make it easy to use at home, at work or school, even while commuting.

Widely acknowledged for the tranquility of meditation and the dynamism of success the Key Phrase Motivators produce, mindMaster has been helping people of all ages improve their lives day after day for more than 30 year.

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