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Julles-Louis Audemars and Edward-Auguste Piguet collaborated in the late 1800s to design and produce some of the finest quality watches of that time. The two came together in 1875 and developed the perfect partnership. Jules-Louis Audemars was the designer and man ‘behind the scenes’ while Edward-Auguste Piguet was the ‘money man’ handling the financials, advertising and logistics of the company. Together the two men created a company which designed and produced fine watches. As the two progressed in their fine watch making they developed a specialty in chiming watches.

In 1907 Ademars and Piguet expanded such in their business that they changed locations of their workspace to accommodate the new hires necessary to put out the demanded watches by the people. At the company’s highest point, before World War II, Audemars and Piguet had nearly 70 employees. With the tragedy of World War II business was slowed significantly. During World War II the two designers put their heads together to come up with a design for the manufacturing of the chronograph watch. Although business was slowed by WWII, the chronograph was able to breathe new life into the company and Audemar Piguet watches once again appealed to the public.

In the years following the company grew and designed more fine watches under the direction of business manager and CEO Georges Golay. Throughout the decades the company has made watches with advanced mechanisms and earned much international acclaim. It was in the early 1970s when Audemars Piguet manufactured the first classy athletic watch. It was called the Royal Oak.

The Royal Oak was made of steel yet with an integrated bracelet. The Royal Oak was considered revolutionary to the watch making world.

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