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Telford, PA (PressExposure) July 09, 2009 -- Do you need a way to cut your costs in newsletter printing? There are several techniques that you can employ to achieve this.

In this article, I will share with you four such techniques for cheap newsletter printing. Hopefully you can try these out on your own without difficulty and exploit their benefits.

• Using a home printer with templates - The cheapest way to print your custom newsletters is to produce them at home. Using free newsletter templates within desktop publishing software, you can create your own newsletters at home easily. Programs like Microsoft Publisher or Microsoft Word can easily be used to produce a simple newsletter with a decent enough layout.

Through the use of template wizards, you should be able to handle the whole newsletter design process easily on your own. After that, all that is left is to just print your newsletters in your trust home printer and you are done. All you have to spend for this kind of newsletter printing is the paper and your printer ink. Very cheap considering most newsletter printing quotations.

• Photocopying small newsletters - Another cheap way to mass produce your newsletters is through photocopying services. If your newsletters are in a standard small letter sized format, then you can do this technique very effectively. You can just print an initial copy of your newsletter at home or at the office. Afterwards, you just need to go to your local photocopying service and mass-produce your pages. Then, all that is left is to bind those pages via staplers or clips and you are done. This can be considerably cheap and very fast when compared to cheap methods like home printing.

• Regulated colors - If however, you still want your newsletters professionally printed, do not worry there are still ways to cut costs. The first thing that you can do to achieve this is to regulate your use of colors. With this regard, you can print your whole newsletter in black and white. While not the most ideal, this is the cheapest way to print your newsletters professionally. Your text should usually turn out fine, though your images would be displayed in a grayscale format. It may be very simple indeed in terms of looks, but you will probably smile at the savings you will earn. You can probably cut 40-50% of your printing cost if you do this.

• Wholesale printing - Lastly, if you still want to cut costs with your professional newsletter printing, you can just have your newsletters printed in bulk. This kind of wholesale printing where you print lots of newsletter copies can be a money saver when you look at it in the long term. This happens because, the more newsletters you print, the lesser each newsletter piece costs. Therefore, if you print all at once instead of printing piecemeal you can save a lot per piece of newsletter.

Good! Hopefully you have learned a lot about cheap newsletter printing. Just try to apply any of the above techniques for you to have the savings needed to print your newsletters.

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