Cheap Yet Luxurious Man's Wedding Ring

3724 Ashwood Drive Essex, Florida (PressExposure) April 16, 2009 -- Should the man be allowed to have the same expensive wedding ring as his soon-to-be-wife? It has long been debated between many couples whether the man should have the same type of wedding ring as his partner. Because of the ever-changing trends in the selection of wedding rings, the practice of choosing matching wedding rings isn't as strictly followed today as it was before thus allowing more freedom for couples to choose what they want. This in turn enables the couple to allocate more resources to other aspects of the wedding celebration since this allows the couple to choose less expensive rings.

Men aren't as fanatic as women when it comes to jewelry. Unlike women, most men can live out their lives without wearing any kind of jewelry. Even though they are bound to a promise they made in their wedding to wear their wedding rings, it wouldn't hurt to ask them if they would like a cheaper kind of wedding ring. After all, cheap doesn't necessarily mean "second-rate". There are many kinds of cheap wedding rings today that are perfect as a man's wedding ring, such as the newly introduced tungsten wedding band.

Tungsten Wedding Band

Tungsten, the same material used in light-bulbs, is considered one of the toughest non-alloyed metal and second toughest of all the elements after carbon. As a wedding ring, also known as the tungsten wedding band, tungsten is popular because of its known toughness and hypoallergenic composition. Its metal grey color and finish makes it perfect as a man's wedding ring. When carbon alloy is combined with it, it produces a new kind of material called tungsten carbide.

Tungsten Carbide Wedding Rings

Tungsten carbide wedding rings are a lot tougher than ordinary tungsten. It's lustrous black color and mirror-like shine makes it more appropriate as a man's wedding ring. When it comes to prices, a tungsten wedding band is sure to fit any wedding budget. A single piece of tungsten wedding band is said to cost around $100 USD to $500 USD, - still cheaper for its quality considering that it outlasts the platinum in terms of toughness.

White Gold Wedding Rings

White gold, like platinum, got its popularity from its silvery-white color. Although not as tough as platinum, white gold became popular because of its cheaper price. White gold costs around $100 USD to $400 USD which is perfect for those who want to save more without compromising the luxurious luster found in expensive wedding rings.

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