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Tampa, FL (PressExposure) March 09, 2009 -- has today officially introduced its all new ranges of cigar cases. It believes that ultimate pleasure of cigar smoking comes with fine cigars. So, you need fine cases that give your cigars fine protection from being faded. Quality cigar cases maintain ideal smoking condition for your cigars.

Cigar experts suggest that cigars stored at precise temperature (normally 68-70 degree Fahrenheit) contains peak flavor. Humidity inside the cigar container also should be around 70-72 percent. All these temperature and humidity in figures are just rough calculation. Debate is still on. According to the overall perception, the ultimate truth about cigar is "lower the temperature, the quicker the cigar will age".

So, there are certain things for taken care of while you are making purchase of cigar case. Cigar case should be perfectly closed, as the lid shuts. If it would not be snug and secure then inside condition for cigar also would not be ideal. Tight lid itself prevents all possible external elements which can contaminate cigar and prevents moisture exchange as well. So, one must be aware about the exact size of its favorite cigar before purchasing the cigar case.

There are wide varieties of cigar and cigar cases. So, check out shape and size for the best fitting before carrying it to home. It is easy to check stitch quality and uniform construction. One should keep in mind that a good quality cigar case must slide open with the ease. It must keep the cigars free from leathery aromas. So, you can compare cigar case shopping with the shoe shopping because even during buying shoes, you take care of quality, durability, fitting, user's comfort and style as well.

Wooden and silver tubes can be proved quite bulky and heavy but comparatively it takes better care of your cigars. Such tubes can keep your cigars fresh up to 72 hours. If you are looking for high-end protection but worry about extra weight then you can choose telescoping Dunhill case. This type of case is made up of very thick leather. is a premier online cigar destination for all cigar lovers. Company not only sells high quality cigars, it minutely studies desires and expectation of cigar lovers as well. One can assure itself with its wide collection cigar cases.

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