Cherry Goodkey Announces CarbonCopyPRO Affiliation

Edmonton, Canada (PressExposure) February 25, 2009 -- Cherry Goodkey, a property manager with four children and three grandchildren, has announced her new affiliation with CarbonCopyPRO, the marketing arm of Wealth Masters International (WMI). "My reasons for joining CarbonCopyPRO were pretty simple," Goodkey said. "I wanted to ensure not only my financial future, but that of my children and grand children as well."

One of the inherent problems with property management is that it requires the property manager to be physically present. Whether it's problems with leaky pipes, malfunctioning heating or air conditioning, shorted electrical circuits or slow-paying tenants, the property manager must be on site to take care of business. All of this of course makes it difficult--if not impossible--for a property manager to get out and about, especially for travel or extended vacations.

"That's a main reason why I wanted an online business," said Goodkey. "I want to travel overseas and the rest of North America. I also don't want my children worrying about me working too hard at my age."

CarbonCopyPRO was founded by internet marketing legend and dynamically successful online entrepreneur Jay Kubassek to automate the lead generation process for WMI consultants. The firm handles back office tasks such as website development and management, copywriting and content development, publicity and public relations, as well as call center operations, thereby freeing the consultant to focus on other, higher value activities such as building relationships and closing sales. The resulting stream of high quality, qualified leads helps WMI consultants to jump start their business and to realize explosive growth over time.

It was CarbonCopyPRO's turnkey approach that brought Goodkey onboard. "I still have a lot that I want to accomplish in my life," said Goodkey. "I want the self satisfaction of securing my own financial future. I also want to give to many others and to put them in a safer future as well."

According to Goodkey, CarbonCopyPRO made it easy to get started turning her dreams into reality. "Before I began my business," she said, "I knew practically nothing about marketing online. Already I'm an expert. This is one of the best things that could have happened to me. I'm making money and I'm having fun--it doesn't get any better than that."

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