Chicken Coop Plans

Amorah, Botswana (PressExposure) September 19, 2009 -- If you are looking for chicken coop designs on the internet, then you are probably looking for the foremost way to create a chicken coop. However, there are main concepts you need to be aware of in order to choose the best plans that fit your specific situation.

Tip #1 - Build Your Coop for Easy Maintenance

One of the biggest obstacles when preserving a chicken coop is cleaning it. Some people do not construct their coops with ease of this in mind, and suffer the results later on. But you can understand from their blunders, and guarantee that your coop will be easy to maintain in the future. One very important feature is to make sure the floor of the coop is sloped downward toward the main door. When you wash the inside of the coop, the water will automatically drain outside, instead of gathering in the midpoint.

Tip #2 - Guarantee Enough Space

Do not scrimp on the size of your chicken coop. Chickens that live in tiny coops resort to abnormal pecking and even cannibalism. You do not want this! As a rule of thumb, you should give about 4 square feet per chicken. So if you have a coop holding 10 chickens, 40 square feet will be plenty of room for your chickens to grow, feed, and breed.

Tip #3 - Shield Your Coop From Weather and Predators

It is important that you build your chicken coop with protection in mind. Both weather and predators can devastate on your coop, so build it with these points in mind.

Construct the coop on a high area with abundant drainage and locate it facing the sun. In the event that it rains, this location will not only ensure that the coop does not get flooded, but that it dries rapidly when the sun comes out.

Build your doors with suitable strength mesh wire. Believe it or not, this step is one of the most common mistakes people make when building their coop. Without the proper toughness, your mesh wire will buckle to even the tiniest of killers, allowing them easy passage to your chickens.

About Chicken Coop Plans

Chicken Coop Plans

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