Chicken Soup Recipe for Short Sales - National Expert Spills His Guts and Reveals How Buyers Can Buy A New Home At A Huge Discount

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PressExposure) June 08, 2008 -- Clint Cohen reveals the secret weapons used by savvy top Real Estate Investors. One method gets an extra 20% discount from every bank. Gets all deals accepted quickly. This #1 site exposes select strategies that truly work.

This golden opportunity for many to buy their dream home at a discount of 50% and coupled with very low mortgage rates. Definitely a buyers market.

A short sale is a mortgage payoff that is hugely discounted by a lender in an effort to assist the sale of a property that is in foreclosure that is generally over financed and or in need of repairs that would not otherwise sell in it's current state or condition.

Example... if they owe $125,000, the banks would accept $75,000? That's exactly right...a mere $50,000 of savings, may be enough to get it sold now.

With the very high percentage of foreclosures and ever increasing daily the banks are over stocked with properties that they have already taken back and are not selling, (REO).

The banks need help and not more real estate. They have taken a different outlook on what they need to do quickly. Either way they are going to take a loss and are just trying to minimize it. It only makes sense to discount properties now.

The lenders would love to workout some type of an agreement with the borrowers, but the borrowers just give-up and leave. The banks need buyers now and want to deal and reduce their inventory.

Some real estate investors have known about the technique of getting deals by way of negotiating short sales and many more are discovering this untapped gold mine. Investors are buying for an average on 60% of market value less repairs. The property is then fixed up and rented and or resold for a profit.

With the over abundance of available foreclosures and all the media attention the general public is finally realizing this super opportunity to buy a home now.

Discover why lenders will take less than what is owed and forgive the balance of the mortgages. Multiple loans and the more upside-down the property the easier it is to do a short sale, and the bigger the discounts. A positive and guaranteed foreclosure resolution for all parties, and I can explain why.

Learn how a beginner can get a complete package sent in the same day and have an offer accepted within 30 days wiping out all outstanding obligations. I know this may sound silly, but stay with me and I can explain how.

Realize insane profits for real estate investors and unheard of super buys for families looking too full-fill a lifetime dream to buy a new primary or secondary home and or for a retirement investment. A total enlightenment of short sales.

An honest and treasured collection of trusted and protected secrets that some underground ex-bank mitigators have shared with me under secrecy.

Discover how to covert these highly prized discounted properties into gold mines.

Understand how to get the bank to call you back and share other profitable deals with you. Tips the bank will openly share that will help increase your profits every time. The bank wants you to successfully complete the short sale and come back for more. Know why they want to work with you.

There has never been a better to time in history to get involved in this unlimited opportunity. There is no greater joy in life than helping others to get resolutions.

These sellers are begging for help in getting out of these foreclosure situations. The banks are anxious to get these defaulted mortgages resolved quickly and the buyers are truly looking for a super savings in the purchase of their new home

Clint is a true expert and explains the A-Z of short sales at a level that even a seventh grader can easily understand.

To learn more about Short Sale Secrets and read an informative article about the Truth Of Short Sales, please visit our website. Understand the brutal and honest truth and be able to purchase your new home at a huge discount.

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