Childhood Obesity is Epidemic, Learn Ways to Effectively Correct That

San Diego, CA (PressExposure) June 19, 2009 -- Rick Osbourne will be presented by Vision Map Video on Blog Talk Radio, the event will take place on June 24, 2009 at 11:00 AM Pacific Time on the radio show Good Morning Inspiration, this is a live radio show with call in capabilities.

Rick Osbourne is the author of "Strong at Everything, Weak at Nothing: How to Motivate Your Kids to Eat Better, Exercise More, and Immunize Themselves Against Obesity for Life". Rick not only is the author of this book, he also implements the program into schools, community after school clubs, day care centers and anywhere there is contact with young children that this program could enhance their life.

He operates from a real passion and intention to better our children's life by starting to teach them at a very young age to build strong bodies and eat the right foods so they are ready for their tween and teen years to live with a strong and powerful self-esteem system in place.

Childhood obesity is epidemic in our society and Rick is going to give you statistics, solutions and resolve for this epidemic that is destroying our children and attacking their self-esteem and self worth. He has a proven program and book that works and he is passionate about getting this information out to all systems that service and care for our children, including the immediate family.

Good Morning Inspiration is a weekly one hour radio program that showcases people that have a passion and inspiration about a certain topic that they wish to share with the world. The host of the program is Darlene Siddons who produces Vision Map Videos and is a personal coach with Effortless Lifestyle Balancing, she wants to spread her belief that there is more inspiration and passion going on in the world than drama and upset so she has put together this weekly radio program to prove that.

Rick Osbourne loves it when he can get the parents involved in his program, as it really benefits the whole family, he has simple easy methods of making the body strong and showing how a strong body promotes a strong life. His motto is "Pull Your Own Weight" and that has to do with doing pull ups to make your body strong and then that turns into pulling your own weight in the world also, we all want to be strong in all areas of our life and when we start teaching our children at a young age to be strong, we are also teaching ourselves and then that moves on out into the world.

You will not want to miss this engaging program and what you can do to create your children to be strong, healthy and vibrant citizens and correct this epidemic of obesity in children. We will learn from Rick all of the areas of our community that we can take his program, book and information to improve our children's life.

All listeners are encouraged to call in to ask questions of the weekly guest and/or the host at: 347-838-8498

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