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“A thrilling, unlimited new concept in children’s education and publishing” is how one teacher described, a website dedicated to nurturing the talents of young writers, artists and illustrators from around the world.

Chocmint is the brainchild of West Australian children’s author and presenter Rob Daniel. Rob tours primary and high schools, running creative writing, memory and self-esteem workshops, and what always comes up during these sessions is the extraordinary wealth of original ideas children have, and how they get lost through no fault of their own.

“Children dream up the most brilliant concepts, but like most of us aren’t able to get these thoughts into a publishable form” Rob said during a recent tour of schools in the south west region of Australia.

“Part of the problem lies with how English is taught after years one and two. Teachers naturally need to teach the correct punctuation and spelling, but this stunts creativity in children who believe that because they aren’t able to spell and punctuate well, they aren’t good at writing. This isn’t true.”

At Chocmint a small group of writers and illustrators from around the world are available to work with stories and artwork children send in, with the intention of publishing a constantly changing e-book called ‘Something Different’ – For Children, By Children., Helping Children.

All proceeds from this book will go towards running a small orphanage in Kitgum, Uganda.

“Young people will be helping others directly through their own talents and ideas, while developing their own imagination, writing and artistic skills as well. Even top authors have their work edited and worked on before it is ready for publishing,; we are applying the same principals with work children produce.”

The Chocmint ‘team’ include people who have never met other than through their internet connection, and friends who have known and worked together for several years. Rob is an Australian author, Elizabeth Stringer is an artist living in Warrington, England, Dave McCleery is an Irish cartoonist, caricature, mural artist and photographer in the English Peak District, John Arnott is a portrait and mural artist from Edinburgh and Rajeev Athale is an artist living in India.

Rob Daniel is currently working on several new books with different illustrators, while taking bookings for another south west tour of schools in November, a tour to Perth and Sydney next year and is organising a US and European tour for next year as well.

According to Rob the Internet is already bringing millions of young people together, from diverse cultures thousands of miles apart. Too much bad publicity is broadcast through the press without balancing it up with the extraordinary ‘feel good’ stories that happen as well.

‘I worked with children communicating with an art school for young children in Baghdad before the latest crisis. The kids I worked with got first hand how alike the children were to them, and they shared not only scanned pictures they created for each other, but what their typical day looked like as well.”

Rob is adamant the more young people understand and respect others from around the world, the less chance there is for future conflict. “Chocmint is about helping young people be the best they can be, collaborating with others to create magical new stories and developing self-esteem. It also gives authors and illustrators the chance to publish their work online to a worldwide audience who wouldn’t otherwise see their work.”

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Chocmint is an online creative studio for writers and illustrators of all ages from around the world.

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