Chiropractor Offers Surgery Alternative Spinal Decompression to Relieve Symptoms of Stenosis, Back Pain

Denver, CO (PressExposure) February 24, 2011 -- Living a life filled with chronic pain can often make the most basic daily tasks seem difficult. Struggling to get out of bed in morning because of pain might mean that a person will never be able to achieve the success they deserve. For those whose daily routine involves an endless cycle of painkillers, doctors visits, and talk of invasive surgery, there might be another option available: spinal decompression. If everything else has failed to cure your chronic pain, then spinal decompression might mean relief from the nagging effects of back pain, herniated disc, degenerative disc disease, bulging disc, sciatica, leg pain, tingling, numbness, spinal stenosis, or failed low back syndrome.

Spinal decompression is a non-surgical treatment for painful symptoms of many serious conditions. Herniated disc is a term used to refer to any disc of the spine that comes out of place and invades the space where delicate nerves live. The pressing on the nerve can lead to other conditions like sciatica (causing leg pain). It can make it difficult to move at all, meaning otherwise healthy patients can be completely incapacitated. For others, the pain is less intense, but they still have to live with shooting sensations down their legs, lower back pain, or trouble moving the neck.

The 'traditional' answer to this terrible reality is surgery. It can also mean months of rehabilitation that renders the patient immobile during recovery. However, many studies conducted in the last few years have proven surgery to be no more effective then other procedures ; in extreme cases, it has the possibility to make the problem even worse. The new thinking about treatment centers on spinal decompression, which is a service offered by chiropractors who practice this back surgery alternative . Instead of cutting into the flesh, chiropractors use machines like the DRX 9000 to provide patients with back pain relief from symptoms associated with these painful conditions.

The DRX 9000 is an FDA cleared spinal decompression procedure that uses traction to slowly and gently pulls the spine in an attempt to decompress the interverterbal disc spaces. The process of spinal decompression literally distracts the spinal bones apart to remove pressure on discs, nerves and bones. This procedure is done slowly and precisely to reduce any chance of additional injury. Unlike surgery, this method does not require any kind of anesthesia or drugs and is done while the patient is lying down on the machinery. The precision of this computer-controlled machine is extraordinary and the programming technician can determine the specific area to be treated. Some studies have shown the overwhelmingly positive results of people report feeling pain relief after treatment-, which means that this does work for a large majority of those who try it.

A single session lasts about 45 minutes, and can often be complimented with a normal adjustment- yet sometimes chiropractic care is not indicated and the spinal decompression is administered as the sole treatment. While each case is different, the patient will usually visit the treatment center every day or three times a week for two weeks. After the initial daily treatments, the patient will continue to receive treatment three times a week for two to three weeks on average. This means that someone who has lived with years of pain can start to feel relief after only a month. This is an amazing new breakthrough that is another option for anyone who doesn't want to spend the rest of their life in pain or the next year recovering from surgery. Spinal decompression with the DRX 9000 is ideal for patients suffering with herniated disc, degenerative disc disease, bulging disc, sciatica, leg pain, or chronic back pain. There's no reason to live with this pain any more, because chiropractors are now offering this revolutionary cure for damaged discs and back pain.

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