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Essex, Florida (PressExposure) August 15, 2009 -- Planning is one of the most important part of having a wedding, which is why there are these people that call themselves wedding planners so as to provide assistance to couples planning for their wedding day. Aside from planning the wedding itself, making plans regarding the wedding ring should also be considered. This is because there are several instances when couples would pay little attention to the ring they're about to wear for the rest of their lives. One of which is the material or catalyst used to make that ring.

Choosing the best material for the wedding ring is essential especially because of several factors that makes it ineligible as a wedding ring. One of which is that some materials or catalysts used for the wedding ring could cause skin allergies and irritation to people with sensitive skins. There are also materials that would loose its shine through years of wear. Also, there are other materials that are too expensive for a financially tight wedding. This is why it's important to know which of these wedding rings is best suited for a person. Wedding rings of today are made from different materials offering different sets of features, advantages, and disadvantages. These collections include:

Gold Tradition material used for wedding rings. Proven for its tough compound and long-lasting luster. Although luxurious, gold wedding rings are known for their afforadability compared to other wedding rings. The only drawback of gold is that it usually causes the majority of skin irritation and allergies to wearers.

Platinum Popular because of its luxurious white luster often buffed to a mirror-like finish. Popular as a woman's wedding ring, platinum is best draped with diamonds. One drawback is its expensiveness. Platinum wedding rings are known to be the most expensive type of wedding rings around. Another is that platinum wedding rings are known to lose its whiteness after years of wear (which is easily restored by reapplying its white-giving element such as rhodium or palladium.

Tungsten carbide One of the recently introduced wedding rings, the tungsten carbide ring is known for its durability and strength. Usually possessing a lustrous dark hue often buffed to a mirror finish, as well as its bulky features, a tungsten carbide ring is known to be a popular wedding ring for the men. Because of its durability, which even surpasses that of platinum and gold, a tungsten carbide ring is known to resist any kind of scratches and scuffs usually associated with daily wear.

White gold A perfect alternative to expensive platinum, white gold shares most of its features with platinum, especially its silvery-white color. Though still expensive compared to gold, white gold is still cheaper than platinum. The only difference is that platinum is tougher than white gold. White gold may also cause skin irritation to people with sensitive skins.

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