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Essex, Florida (PressExposure) May 22, 2009 -- Having difficulties looking for the perfect wedding ring for him? We all know that some men aren't accustomed to wearing any kind of jewelry, except for wedding rings. The only reason why most men wear a wedding ring is because of their marital commitment to fidelity, and not always because they like it. Unlike most women, men would usually go for a wedding ring that could accentuate their manliness and masculinity. So what kind of wedding ring would suit a man's finger? Well, there are several kinds of wedding rings that could perfectly fit the masculine profile of a man, these include gold, titanium, and tungsten wedding bands. The question now is, which one? Gold Wedding Rings

Gold was the traditional material used for wedding rings in the past. Even though the availability of a wider collection of wedding rings is becoming more apparent in today's market, many are still choosing gold as their preferred choice of wedding ring, especially for the men. Because of its bulky feature and long lasting luster, majority of the men chooses it as their wedding ring. However, there are several factors that you should look at before opting for gold wedding rings. Higher grade of gold (eg. 24k) loses its durability, making it softer and more susceptible to denting whereas lower grade of gold loses some of its qualities. Jewelers commonly offer 14k-18k gold wedding rings, enough to stay durable while retaining its quality. Titanium Wedding Rings

A newly introduced material, titanium has been known to be a greater and tougher material than gold. What made it popular as a man's wedding ring is its sheer bulkiness, its gunmetal gray color, and most importantly is its affordability. One factor that made it unpopular for some men is its light weight. Being lightweight doesn't convey a sense of luxury and most importantly, manliness. Tungsten Wedding Bands

Another newly introduced kind of wedding ring, tungsten wedding bands are popular because of their durability that surpasses the durability of other kinds of precious metals, including titanium. Principally used as a cutting tool for other metals and for high temperature applications such as rocket engine nozzles, tungsten has been considered by many metallurgists as one of the toughest known metals around. What makes it popular as a man's wedding ring are its robust features along with its glossy black hue buffed to a mirror like shine, often designed around men's masculinity. Also, tungsten is known for its hypoallergenic composition that makes it popular for sensitive skin. One known disadvantage of tungsten is its super durable composition that makes it hard for jewelers to repair when fractured.

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