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3724 Ashwood Drive Essex, FL (PressExposure) May 12, 2009 -- Choosing your "perfect" wedding ring isn't as easy as it seems. Though it may seem much easier to just pick the most stylish or the cheapest, you have to remember that wedding rings aren't just any kind of jewelry, it is a symbol of the relationship you share with the person you will marry. It should be strong enough to endure the years of wear and tear it'll experience, much like those that you and your partner will experience as a married couple. So the first thing that you should look at when buying you perfect wedding ring is the kind of material or catalyst used for the wedding ring.


Traditionally, gold was the only material used for wedding rings. This is because of its lustrous features that make it luxurious, even in the old days. Today, wedding rings are available in a much larger scale. Aside from gold, other precious metals such as platinum, have also been used as a material for wedding rings. Other than these catalysts, here are other materials currently used for wedding rings.


o A prominent part of the platinum group metals, palladium is now considered as one of the many precious metals used for jewelry. Several characteristics made the material popular as a wedding ring. One is its known durability. Another reason is its natural white color, a characteristic popular with platinum, though slightly whiter. But like platinum, palladium will also develop a hazy patina over time.


o Recently introduced into the market, tungsten wedding rings are quickly getting noticed for their durable composition. Said to be tougher than titanium, tungsten wedding rings are able to withstand denting and damages from daily wear-and-tear, truly a perfect wedding ring that conveys a sense of permanence. The catalyst is also known for its hypoallergenic composition that makes it suitable for every sensitive skin. Though tough, tungsten wedding rings are still vulnerable to scratches.

*Tungsten Carbide

o Though it shares most of its characteristics with tungsten wedding rings, tungsten carbide is also known for improving what tungsten alone lacks. Unlike tungsten, tungsten carbide is tougher. Highly resistant to any forms of scratches and corrosion, wedding rings made from tungsten carbide can last longer than tungsten wedding rings. It also developed a glossy black hue, buffed to a mirror-like shine, a perfect wedding ring for a man. Its disadvantage is also caused by its advantage. Because of its very strong composition, tungsten carbide is irreparable. Even though repair is still possible, some jewelers would rather recommend a replacement.

*White Gold

o What makes it perfect as a wedding ring is its white luster that greatly imitates that of a platinum-made wedding ring. Since white gold is a lot cheaper than platinum, it became one of the most popular metals purchased today. However, there is one major disadvantage with white gold. Over time, white gold will loose its white luster. Re-plating it after every 2 to 3 years of use is required to maintain its luxurious white pigmentation.

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