Choosing on the Perfect Ring For Your Wedding

3724 Ashwood Drive Essex, Florida (PressExposure) April 15, 2009 -- Selecting the right kind of wedding ring isn't just a simple walk in the park. Unlike other kinds of jewelry like necklaces or earrings, deciding on the right wedding ring requires more time and patience. This is because a wedding ring isn't just an ordinary jewelry, it’s considered a symbol of love or of the relationship shared by two people. Just like the love that exists between couples, wedding rings should last a lifetime (or for as long the relationship lasts). So the question is how do you choose the right kind of wedding ring? What details are you supposed to look at when choosing the perfect wedding ring?

Deciding on the material used for wedding rings is very essential if you want it to last as long as your relationship. Because of the growing trend of sophistication and glamour with wedding rings, jewelers now offer a wider range of selection from the traditional gold wedding rings to the more recent tungsten wedding band. Here is a list of popular wedding rings today along with their advantages and disadvantages.

Gold Wedding Ring

A traditional wedding ring, a gold wedding ring is still a popular choice for many couples mainly because of its long-lasting luster which is unaffected by time. Current gold wedding rings are now hardened with copper and silver or tin and bismuth. One disadvantage with wedding rings made of gold is their vulnerability to scratches. Another disadvantage is the cost of each piece.

Palladium Wedding Band

As one of the platinum group of metals, palladium is popular for its natural white luster which is the same as those found with platinum and osmium though slightly whiter. The only difference between palladium and platinum is that palladium is lighter and about 12% harder yet cheaper than platinum. Though strong, palladium is still vulnerable to scratches. Another disadvantage is it will develop a hazy patina over time.

Platinum Wedding Ring

Though platinum is known for its lustrous white pigmentation, mirror-like shine, and toughness that is sure to last a lifetime, there are several disadvantages with the material. One disadvantage is the cost. Platinum is one of the old materials used for wedding rings and it has developed a brand in the industry of jewelry which is reflected in its price. Another is that the bands are usually covered with thin plating of rhodium that must be reapplied after some years of wear.

Tungsten Wedding Band

Tungsten alone is enough for a tungsten wedding band but because of its brittle properties, tungsten isn't as strong as platinum or titanium. Though hard, tungsten is still vulnerable to scratches. But when carbon alloy is used to produce a new metal called tungsten carbide, a tungsten wedding band became a more popular choice. Tungsten carbide wedding rings are tougher (highly resistant to scratches), hypoallergenic, and polished to a mirror-like shine that could last for years. Because of its lustrous black hue, tungsten carbide wedding bands are perfect as men's wedding rings.

Before deciding on the perfect wedding ring, couples should consult with each other and talk about the kind of wedding ring they would like, if they would want the same type of wedding ring or a separate one. Shopping for wedding rings together is one way to know what kind of wedding ring they want for their wedding.

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