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3724 Ashwood Drive Essex, Florida (PressExposure) April 22, 2009 -- Looking for some affordable wedding rings? Well you're in luck. Because of the growing industry of jewelry, particularly with wedding rings, wider selections of wedding rings are now available for sale on many jewelry shops either online or not. Part of these collections involve expensive wedding rings such as gold wedding rings, platinum wedding bands, titanium wedding rings, white gold wedding rings, and tungsten wedding rings. The question is which of these wedding rings is the most affordable?

Choosing the Best

Inexpensive doesn't always mean second-rate. Some inexpensive wedding rings can even surpass the qualities found in expensive wedding rings. Here are some of those:


White Gold Wedding Rings - White gold is a combination of yellow alloy such as gold, and one white element such as rhodium. Because of its silvery-white pigmentation and luster, white gold is sometimes used as an alternative to the very expensive platinum wedding ring. Other than its luster and hue, white gold also possesses a luxurious feel in it especially when draped with diamonds, similar to that of platinum. The great thing about white gold is that you can have the same luxurious feel of platinum for a fraction of the cost. Though popular, there are several drawbacks found with white gold. White gold can easily lose its white luster over time. Also, it isn't as tough as platinum.


Tungsten Wedding Rings - A newly introduced material in the market, a Tungsten wedding ring is very popular especially with the men. Tungsten is known for its toughness (as tough as platinum) which is why a Tungsten wedding ring is considered as the toughest known wedding ring around. Another feature is it’s hypoallergenic. Unlike gold, which can irritate sensitive skin, tungsten is known for its hypoallergenic properties. However, tungsten alone can still be susceptible to scratches even though it is tough. Carbon alloy is often applied to make tungsten tougher. Aside from becoming harder, carbon can also provide a more luxurious look by offering a glossy black hue making it perfect as a man's wedding ring. The price of tungsten is more affordable than platinum and gold. A single piece of Tungsten wedding ring can cost around $100 to $800 US Dollars, depending on the style and other materials applied on it. One disadvantage is when fractured, it can't be easily repaired because of its toughness. Instead, it must be replaced by a new one.


Titanium Wedding Rings - Just like tungsten, titanium is a newly introduced material used for jewelry. Due to its durability, inexpensiveness, and gunmetal gray color, titanium wedding rings are the perfect kind of wedding rings for men. The only drawback in titanium is its lightness. Though this can be an advantage for some, being light doesn't convey luxury for some.

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