Christian Product The Gift of Kings Is Among the Newest Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Delray Beach, Florida (PressExposure) September 16, 2015 -- Stanford Solutions introduces easy school fundraisers for Christian Schools: gold, frankincense and myrrh. That's right, how more appropriate could a Christian theme be than offering the same gifts as the Three Wise Men of ancient Bible lore?

In fact, it was these rare and ancient resins that started all the Christmas gift-giving in the first place! They are indeed the original Christmas gifts. Both frankincense and myrrh were precious aromatic incenses found primarily in Africa, and were traditionally offered and considered valuable gifts befitting a King.

The unique fundraising ideas for kids enable schools to promote an interesting, fun and Biblical product, all the while contributing to their religious culture and curricula.

Schools have long tired of the anachronistic magazines fundraiser or the ubiquitous chocolate products that overwhelm children during Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween, and Christmas.

Now, this brand new, ancient Gift of Kings offers the rare and genuine gifts of antiquity presented to the Christ child, as delineated in Matthew 2:11.

The Gift of Kings offers 2 packets each of the genuine ancient resins of frankincense and myrrh, along with a gold-plated angel pin representing the gift of gold. A story booklet completes the unique stocking stuffer, which is presented inside a beautiful, custom-designed, enameled and embossed collectible tin.

According to Stanford Solutions President Rebecca Sayad, most Christians know about the legendary Three Kings and their famed gifts, yet few have actually experienced the venerable treasures firsthand.

It was "The Three Kings" that followed a bright star that ultimately led them to the Christ child. According to the Bible, the three travelers known as the Magi fell to their knees and presented the famed gifts honoring the new King.

"It's a remarkable gift to give or receive at Christmas, simply because it celebrates the true meaning of what Christmas is supposed to be all about," says Sayad. "It's a valuable, symbolic gift that honors the spirit and significance of Christ's birth, and we all have a chance to enjoy that celebration."

Finally, there arises a school fundraiser with meaning for Catholic and Christian Schools. And it's an easy and profitable one, as well.

And selling is easy. This iconic Biblical symbol has the uniqueness and value that makes it among the best fundraising ideas for schools. Parents, relatives and friends are willing to buy multiple gifts because they can give them to EVERYONE on their Christmas list.

Best of all, participating children learn a salient lesson and experience the rare and ancient artifacts of the Bible -- gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Here's how the program works. There's no investment and no risk. It's a simple consignment program with no stress, and no fuss.

Each product sells for $10. Schools earn 50% of every product they sell. They keep their share, and send the balance to Stanford Solutions at the end of the fundraising sale.

All a school needs to do is determine how many children will participate. Each child is sent a dozen Gift of Kings in a re-usable, easy-carry, poly envelope. All shipping of products is paid by Stanford Solutions.

When the sale is over, the school keeps its 50% share and returns any remaining products. Even the return shipping is paid by Stanford Solutions. And, the school can use the same shipping boxes to return the product.

It might be the easiest of all school fundraisers, and certainly among the most unique fundraising ideas for Catholic and Christian Schools from kindergarten through 12 grade.

Stanford Solutions' president points out that the Gift of Kings is a treasured representation of those ancient days when Christ lived and experienced for Himself these genuine fragrances.

"To smell, touch and experience these aromatic substances from ancient times is truly appropriate and meaningful during the Christmas holidays," she says. "If The Gift of Kings enables us to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, than it's a very worthy addition to the holidays."

The fundraiser also can be effective for churches and special organizations and groups considering how to raise money for a fundraising benefit. For more information, call Stanford Solutions at (561) 381-0295, email the company at or sign up online at the school fundraiser website:

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