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Chicago, IL (PressExposure) December 07, 2009 -- Holiday season is the best time of year, the Christmas tree and decorate my house. So how to string Christmas lights? Looking at the art of stringing Christmas lights, our trees. and yes, it can be considered an art. And a certain art.

Make sure before you order anything you need at hand. This will be something you do not need you, when the ladder. So we start the ladder, make sure you have a sturdy step ladder or ladder handy small. You need this if you are packing the upper branches, although a small tree, is a ladder stringing lights, you'll be a lot easier.

You appear to need the lights, extension cords, if not close the connection, or step on / off switch management, make the timber easier lighting and patience.

Would you be surprised to know that it is recommended that you start stringing Christmas tree lights at the bottom of your own? We have always started at the top. This is you can follow the string of light and not too much or too little stringing the remainder of the summit. Never thought so before. You can also access links to the right man to start, string lights once and, finally, two female ends?

When decorating your Christmas tree, always start from the lights. The lights are the first thing that must be submitted Garland decorations. Before you begin, make sure the lights are okay, nothing worse than placing the lights and the other half of the timber does not work.

If you are a string of lights used in the weaving of movement, lighting and a branch of the light, above and below. Insert the plug into branches, so the cord does not appear.

Rate this state, if the lights in its branches, and the spread of the rows in a room, so no bare spots or blocks the lights together. Special lighting clump together at the top. The top of a tree, sight your Topper.

If you decide you want more light to your messages, use the additional components and repeat the process of weaving at the top of the country.

Not sure how much light is needed quickly rule of thumb is Your Tree height and having 10 times. For example, the six-foot tree would be about 60 meters. I know to go overboard, so the number of lights in my tree, but just can not help it.

Now you are ready, and are happy you stringing Christmas tree lights, it's your time to decorate your tree ornaments, wreath decorating, and what you want.

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