Claire Drage, Mortgage specialist and The Lion's Share Group CEO to Speak at the Art of Balance Conference

Oakville, Ontario Canada (PressExposure) February 28, 2012 -- The 4th Annual Eastern Ontario Women in Finance Charity Conference is scheduled on March 2, 2012 at the Hampton Inn, Ottawa Ontario and will feature Claire Drage, CEO, The Lion's Share Group as a special guest speaker where she will share her insights, encouraging and empowering women, showing them how to balance life while being successful entrepreneurs.

Claire Drage, CEO, The Lion's Share Group is a highly successful entrepreneur with over 13 years' experience both as a mortgage agent and in top executive roles at a national lender and brokerage. Her mortgage broker training program is a result of her rich experience that has helped her build a lead-generating and funding machine that places her in the top 1% in Canada.

At the conference, she will specifically speak about how women can GPS their day and plan for optimal results. She will share her own success methods with others in the mortgage brokers industry with the main goal of assisting mortgage agents to capture the lion's share of the mortgage market in Canada. Claire's expertise and insight will include tips, processes and systems that can be put into immediate action to plan each day's GPS, taking the fastest route to success. She will speak about how to prioritize, plan and execute business strategies focused on increasing profits while working fewer hours.

When asked what the secret of her success was, Claire answered, "The mantra is to work smarter, not harder to differentiate ourselves from the competition. It is really not necessary to work twenty four hours a day to reach your business goals. Learning to deal with tech-savvy clients is only the beginning. I am keen on sharing the tools and tips you need, along with a unique lead tracking program that will become the GPS to your business This will not only help streamline your activities but also keep you focused and on task every day of the year. "

As the spearhead of The Lion's Share Group, Claire Drage generously shares her own best practices through an innovative mortgage broker training program where brokers are presented with a blueprint for success. Professional and newcomer mortgage brokers and agents learn how to generate leads, maximize each lead, and convert it into a funded mortgage, while nurturing it into a long term referral relationship.

Claire, passionate about helping mortgage brokers succeed, said, "One can no longer woo clients with just rates. The best way for the mortgage industry to grow is to grow together by adding true value to win the client's loyalty. At The Lion's Share Group, our goal is to fill the gap in the market for hands on practical training and help build the profile of the broker industry so that we can increase the market share of mortgage brokers. We can achieve this by streamlining our professionalism and creating a value proposition for our clients, motivating them to use only a broker or agent for their needs."

To hear Claire Drage speak and learn how to work smarter as successful entrepreneurs, get more leads and capture their lion's share of the mortgage market may get in touch with The Lion's Share Group by visiting their website at [], or call them at their toll free number at 1-866-726-5159.

About the Conference

The 4th Annual Eastern Ontario Women In Finance Charity Conference "The Art of Balance" is an event in support of The Royal Ottawa Foundation for Women's Mental Health, sponsored by MCAP, MCAP Eclipse, Magenta and Genworth. The conference will be held on March 2, 2012 from 9 am to 3.30 pm at the Hampton Inn, Ottawa, 100, Coventry Road, Ottawa ON K1K 4S3 and feature prominent speakers.

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The Lion's Share Group is a team of professional and experienced Mortgage Broker Trainers committed to helping Mortgage brokers and agents to get their lion's share of the mortgage market profitably, grow their business and build lasting client relationships. The group is reputed for their highly effective mortgage training programs and workshops that brokers can leverage to grow their business.

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The Lion's Share Group is about educating the mortgage broker community and training mortgage brokers and agents in Canada. We provide you with mortgage training courses.

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