Clampdown on dangerous dirty reversing cameras

Blackburn, United Kingdom (PressExposure) February 08, 2012 -- Companies are being warned to disallow workers from climbing onto vehicles to clean their reversing cameras, which is a major cause of the incidents.

Falls from vehicles are among the most common accidents with on-site driving and the Government's Health and Safety Executive (HSE) says they are likely to result in damaging personal injury claims.

By law, employers must take suitable and effective measures to prevent anyone from falling from a distance that is likely to hurt them, says the HSE.

Rear view cameras help drivers negotiate their way around objects and recording using them can bring substantial legal benefits.

Companies that value safety above everything else should fit reversing cameras to their vehicles as standard.

But when reversing cameras become dirty after being exposed to the elements operatives often climb up onto the vehicle to clean them, potentially causing a serious fall.

To avoid this, companies are being told to ensure that workers are not forced to climb up onto vehicles.

Vision Techniques' have created some innovative products to help prevent this situation occurring, eliminating any accidents and potential litigation costs.

These amazing new products include reversing camera systems specifically designed to protect against dirt - so there is no need for manual cleaning.

The Vision Techniques shutter camera clears away dirt and protects the lens at the push of a button.

And the company's exclusive high-quality Wiper System with Jet Wash system serves a similar purpose, representing a revolution in health and safety.

Steve Perrin, of Vision Techniques said: "The jet wash and wiper reversing camera is a fantastic cost efficient solution to keep the reversing camera clean.

"The system prevents the age old problem of operatives climbing on the rave plate, or lifters to reach the reversing camera in its high location.

"A number of waste vehicles are now being specified with multi channel CCTV systems. A clean camera is critical to capturing vital images for evidential purposes. Both jet wash and wiper can be retro fitted on any type of vehicle."

All too often, even the most comprehensive safety programmes are cut short when employees climb into a vehicle.

The correct reversing aids are an essential part of every employer's risk management programme.

Vision Techniques brings vehicle vision to a new level

Vision Techniques has brought the future of vehicle safety into full view with the launch of a unique, state-of-the-art camera system.

Appropriately named 'VT Overview', the new 360° vehicle camera system is an entirely new concept, designed to give drivers total vision around large vehicles such as buses and trucks.

The system has been hailed by experts as the most comprehensive 'overview' any driver can have for the safe manoeuvring of a vehicle.

Designed for slow speed truck or bus manoeuvring in any direction, the vehicle camera system uses four cameras to give the driver a complete 360º view around the vehicle from a single screen.

With one screen showing all the information a driver requires, less effort is needed for them to be aware of their surroundings.

VT Overview also pre-warns drivers if cars, cyclists or pedestrians enter the 'danger blind spots' on either side of their vehicle.

An alarm will prompt the driver to check the high definition picture to see the danger.

Andy Kendle, of Vision Techniques, said: "VT Overview can help prevent side-on collisions and allows drivers feel safer and more aware of their surroundings. It is the perfect safety system for truck and bus manoeuvring."

With VT Overview, you will have a complete view of the exterior of your vehicle and be warned of any oncoming dangers."

Ideal for vehicles working in built-up areas, VT Overview is perfect for vehicles used for high street delivery, operating in congested traffic or on bus routes when lane changes and turning is necessary.

Andy said: "VT Overview utilises the very latest technology to maximise safety for vehicle operators, ensuring a clear view and preventing potential accidents and incidents."

It is an absolute must for vehicles used for high street delivery, operating in congested traffic or on bus routes when lane changes and turning is necessary."

It is the most comprehensive "overview" any driver can have for the safe manoeuvring of their vehicles."

VT Overview's cameras can be used both in the day and at night and are waterproof.

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