Classic Mobile Phones Buying Tips - 4 Mistaken Ideas & Tactics

Shenzhen, China (PressExposure) April 28, 2009 -- What kinds of cell phones are classic? Should they be as solid as Nokia, as cool as Motorola or as melodious as Samsung? Do you have a super clear idea? As we all know, mobile phones boost in popularity, but their quality and after-sale services are declining. Plus, sellers are good at bragging about their products and say how classic their cell phones are! If you don’t buy their goods, you will regret in the rest of your life.

At this time, making a damn correct decision seems brutally hard for us. No matter how resolute we are before purchase, over 90% of us will wobble in our original opinion. Once we get home, we realize how silly we are for buying the product! But there is no panacea. We let ourselves stew. So we consumers should be more discreet when we make our choices and be as firmly as a super rock whilst we purchase.

First, we should be alert about parallel cell phones. We should buy our phones in the formal, standard stores. Don’t mistakenly think that the large stores and mobile-phones markets sell standard, authentic goods. Be NOT so naive! Smugglers are well in studying our psychology, so they must have their stores in the mentioned places.

The right judgment is to see whether the wholesale cell phones sellers or retailers could operate their shop in their places for longer time or not. Furthermore, pay attention to the product’s 3 packets of proofs, its instruction and battery. And keep the phone you bought as new as possible in the first few days. If the bought one had problems, you could change or return.

Second, choose brand name products. That is not to say we’d better not opt for other mobile phones. If your budget allows, why you choose an unheard-of phone? It helps save your money in the long run, as brand products always have good quality and offer good service. And for the purchase via internet, choose trust-worthy wholesale electronics [] sellers and stores, such as

Third, don’t put much accent on phone appearance. Spare some of your concern on the functionality. Don’t forget to have a trial use before your payment. You money isn’t paper; make the best use of it, please.

Fourth, be aware: covet pennies, lose dollars. Small discounts could cause worse loss. The prices of the same model cell phones vary little in formal, reliable sellers’ shops.

Again, ever never over trust sellers’ word. Most of them are so “smart” and tactful. In fact, these people only care about your money. Once they successfully sell their products, they would totally ignore your existence and show their true selves. Remember my word, choose the product that well suits you.

At last, good luck for your purchase. Don’t be the fool I mentioned. Trust yourself, do yourself. You are a consumer with a brain, not an easy mark.

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