Classic Poster Designs that Still Work

Telford, PA (PressExposure) September 24, 2009 -- Are you having a hard time thinking up of new and original designs for your posters? It is very easy to get designer's block when you print posters.

This is understandable since lots of gimmicks and design innovations have already been tried by other businesses already. However, you need not worry too much about wanting and being original or having original designs. For the usual kind of posters, simple or poster designs still work wonders in today's market.

Of course, you can always take these simple design principles and turn it into your own version to make it original. However, make sure that you have followed the principle of a particular classic design first before you take it into the next level.

Below is a list of classic poster design styles that still work. Why don't you try them out?

• The wanted poster - The classic wanted type is something people think of as a novelty while still paying good attention to them. Whether you use the classic, western style wanted sign, or the more traditional Uncle Sam version with the "I Want You" phrase, poster design styles like this still has a great impact on people. It grabs their attention and curiosity since most people want to know who are the ones being "wanted". So do not have qualms with using this classic design theme every so often.

• The question poster - Another good classic style is the question poster. This kind of advertisement involves printing a question in large sizes as its main object. This question is usually something that readers should be able to relate to. Questions like "need money?" or "want to save on gas?" are a few simple examples of eye-catching ones. Question posters approach people directly to what they need which makes them quite effective. Since they are quite easy enough to produce, many people still use this style and still find success in them.

• The portrait poster - This type is also a good classic style. You will only need to look at the Mona Lisa to discover how one picture of a person or object can still affect people. Advertisers now use a portrait style of introducing certain persons or products in their color posters. Most especially, food places are known to use this style effectively, producing advertisements with mouth-watering portraits of their newest and most delicious food. It is a classic and simple style that never really goes wrong unless the product itself is bad. So add this to your usual styles for consideration.

• Picture collage - Finally, a simple classic style that still works today is the picture collage. In this design style, a collection of different images is composited with each other to form one single image. If you need to establish a crucial connection with certain images, this style is the best and simplest one to use. Many programs, shows and movies use this kind of poster style to provide a sort of preview to what to expect with their event.

Therefore, when you are tired of building designs from the ground up, you should try taking a break and use the classic styles once again. It never hurts to go back to classics.

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