Classic Rock Finds New Life On Vinyl

Mountain View, CA (PressExposure) October 30, 2011 -- It has been widely reported that a growing subculture of gen-y music lovers have embraced the vinyl record. Many of these kids listen to modern popular music on vinyl, but a surprising number are showing a preference for the music their parents grew up on--classic rock. An ongoing poll on the music/vinyl enthusiast website, Vinyl Revinyl strongly backs this up. Alan Bayer, the owner of the website and gen-y music lover, believes that the rebellious spirit of classic rock music, coupled with vinyl record nostalgia has driven interest in that particular genre being popular with gen-y kids who listen to music on vinyl.

Bayer elaborates: "I am not surprised by the results of the poll. Most people I know in my age group are very familiar with some of the most popular music from the 60's and 70's. We all heard The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones on the radio growing up, and the message of the music still feels fresh."

Familiarity with the music is only one reason why classic rock has flourished on vinyl records. There's also an element of nostalgia. During the classic rock days--the 60's and 70's, vinyl records were the most popular music format. Listening to classic rock on the format of the day feels more authentic.

Bayer adds: "There is also a ritualistic aspect of the vinyl record experience. I can imagine previous generations sitting in their basements with a few friends listening to a new record. With the impersonal methods of listening to music in the modern age, with headphones and iPods, some young music lovers are yearning for a more social music listening experience--something that vinyl helps foster."

Obviously, there are some other practical reasons as to why classic rock has enjoyed such popularity with vinyl loving younger folks. When music distribution went digital, suddenly the older generation wanted to upgrade. Vinyl records began showing up in larger numbers at record stores, discount shops and garage sales. With such a large supply of great music available on vinyl, prices shot down. The kids took advantage of the increased availability and lower prices of used vinyl.

Bayer related with this: "When I first started collecting vinyl, it was the wide availability of classic rock and jazz albums at rock-bottom prices that helped me increase my music collection. I could pick up albums for as little as $1 that had hardly been played."

Ultimately, this availability of great music at such low prices inspired him to start

With classic rock being the most popular music on vinyl, one wonders if we will see more of the great albums available as limited edition re-issues. "I really hope so", Bayer said. "There is a market for collectibles, but ultimately, it's about the music. The younger generations still relate to the message, and the format has proved to be popular enough to justify limited runs. I'm excited to see what develops."

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