ClickBank Strategy - Convert Competitors To Joint Venture Partners

Rajpura, India (PressExposure) July 18, 2008 -- This is one of the most creative ClickBank strategies you can apply it to make money with no list and also almost completely eliminate all competitors. This method works best with products such as hands-on workshops, coaching and mentoring.

The goal is to find products that are already selling and then offering coaching programs to these buyers. Here's how it works: visit ClickBank and identify the top 10 selling products in ClickBank in your category. Then, write down the contact info of each product creator: get the phone number, if there's one available. [NOTE: ClickBank is a marketplace of digital products in hundreds of categories].

The angle is this: you can offer a % of your backend for each sale that is made, and that is still several times what he would make when he sells a single copy of his current product (most products on ClickBank sell for $97 or less). As an example, let's assume that you offer an 8 week workshop for $997, but you would offer it for $697 to his/her existing customers. You can pay him/her 33% of this sale, and he would still make about $233 per sale. When presented properly, most product owners are open to this because it allows them to create money without having to do extra work. Plus, they can now show their customers that they care because they are offering continuing education.

Your conversion rate will be much higher because you are being endorsed by the list owner and in most cases, there's a pent up demand for higher products that the list owner has not fulfilled on. This is how I launched my first high-end product in the real estate industry: I created an 8 week teleclass and I approached multiple list owners. 4 of out 5 list owners said yes and we launched within less than 90 days. I then upsold the attendees into my high-end coaching program (at the time, $10,000 per person but now, $12,000 per person).

When done properly, this single technique can totally reposition you in your category and allows you to piggyback on the existing market instead of competing with everybody else. You will also be seen as somebody who cooperates instead of competes, which creates goodwill. This often leads to other JV opportunities that normally wouldn't open up because your [former] competitors appreciate your upfront proposal as opposed to trying to outmaneuver them.

As another example from the corporate world: most people know that runs a very large e-commerce site. What most people don't know is that has a software division, which is their most profitable division. The software division is responsible for the technology infrastructure that runs the site. competes with Barnes and Noble, but actually runs Barnes and Noble's Web site! Again, this is another example of converting competitors to joint venture partners.

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