Climate Changes Mean That Even The UK Now Has To Look How To Keep Cool In The Summer

Fuengirola, Espana (PressExposure) May 30, 2012 -- Time marches on and many things throughout the world have changed, and none more than the climate, seasons seem to be rapidly changing with colder winters and warmer summers, and consumers in the UK are now compelled to look for solutions to keep cool in the summer months.

For the consumer that has not got a lot of money to splash about a portable air conditioner is the modern solution to overpowering heat, and as technology improves the demand has skyrocketed, simply because the unit is cost effective and convenient.

Portable air conditioning units have the benefit of not requiring permanent installation into a wall or window and allows the unit to be placed anywhere in the home or business and can be moved anytime as the need arises.

As with installed units, portable air conditioners draw in the warm air across the coolant filled coils thereby reducing its temperature and blowing the cooled air out of the unit into the room. The latest technological advances are the 'self-evaporating technology' this up-to-date method of reuse of the water it creates is certainly not to be ignored.

Portable air conditioning in the past have had a water tank which had to be emptied frequently, but this new self-evaporating technology simply means that during the cooling process, water is removed from the air into the unit. Most of this water is then recycled and used to cool the compressor and make the unit run more efficiently improving cooling as well as saving energy; in fact the unit re-uses approximately 75% of the water it creates.

Air conditioning units are not just for the summer, today most units with up-to-date technology offers both cooling and heating for the home and workplace, with minimum fuss and cost effective prices, portable air conditioning is a convenient solution for households and offices this summer.

A spokesman for Climachill a reputable air conditioning company located on the South coast of the UK said "a lot of Eco warriors are worried that the increased use of portable air conditioning systems and installed air conditioners are injecting additional carbon into the air, to answer, this latest breakthrough for portable units known as 'self-evaporative water recycling' which re-use a large percentage of the water it creates, thus offering both convenience for the user and a safer environment for all, also the latest units run more efficiently, with lower power consumption".

Consumers will make their own minds up on the subject of keeping cool this summer, but certainly the time is right to check out this commodity, for a 'one stop' solution, for cooling, heating, dehumidifying in just one unit with no installation, will ensure you keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

We live in changing times, the weather seems to be all messed up, whereas years ago we seemed to have definite seasons, today the weather is all over the place, with hot spells coming as early as March in the UK, and then more spring like weather coming later, April showers have been seen in July and August, and so on. Best be prepared.

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