Clinton Years, American Dream Reversed artwork by Ray Tapajna enjoys high response

Washington, DC (PressExposure) January 06, 2007 -- The Clinton Years, the America Dream Reversed artwork by Ray Tapajna is a thought provoking rendition of President Bill Clinton relating to his promotion of Free Trade. It must be noted that he as a Democrat President steered the passage of the unfair NAFTA and GATT trade agreements. The bills actually were also passed by a Democrat controlled Congress. President Clinton called a lame duck session of Congress in November 1993 after the Contract with America Republicans won Congress and were set to take over the following January. It remains a question why President Clinton did not wait for the Republicans to take over. In the Lame Duck session, GATT was passed.

The Clinton Years artwork is symbolic of our times. The art is a take off on Andy Warhol's Campbell soup art. It shows Clinton playing his sax while the American Dream was burning with the letters "is" inside the horn. Clinton is standing next to a can of soup with the description of the contents reversed as so many things were reversed in the land of "is" where everything seemed to be centered on what your definition of is - is. While President Clinton was proclaiming a statistical prosperity , millions were losing their jobs. Surrounding this time in history, the U.S. suffered the most massive dislocation of workers in all of its history. The unemployment rate data reporting was much different than it was in the past and should have been questioned as to its reality. Soon after taking office, 300,000 workers in the computer industry lost their jobs just between IBM, AT&T and NCR. In 1998 another 250,000 lost their jobs in the high tech industries. This came after more than a million jobs were lost in Steel and Auto manufacturing.

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