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Leesburg, Virginia (PressExposure) November 25, 2009 -- What is clipping path?

Clipping Path is a Vector Masking technique in many Image Manipulation softwares like: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, CorelDraw, etc. Clipping Path creates a virtual outline around the desired image that needs be isolated or extracted from the rest of the unwanted pixels or bitmaps. Clipping Path never becomes a part of the original image or changes any pixel in the image. It creates a mask around the image to make the unwanted pixels transparent. Clipping Path is a special type of Photoshop Path that helps the image to clip-out the unwanted pixel. In Photoshop, the Paths are drawn with Pentool and then the Photoshop Path is saved as Clipping Path with desired Flatness.

Why Clipping Path is better?

There are many options in Photoshop and other Image Manipulation software to create transparent background, like: Extract Filter, Magic Wand, Quick Mask, etc. None of this these options can provide the crispy outlook of cutout images other than Clipping Path. Moreover, for complex images, some of the other options can take more time. However, in terms of quality of cutout, the is no match for hand-drawn Clipping Path in Photoshop.

Items or products image that require for Clipping Path:

• Shoes, goggles & sunglasses, and other solid fashion items, • Drinking/wine glasses & bottles of wine, drugs & medication, cosmetics, • Single kitchenware & kitchen appliances, • Jewelries with basic shapes like: rings, lockets, bracelets, etc. • Solid handbags, isolated apparel or clothes (not worn), and other solid fashion items, • Solid furniture, bedding, and interior images with little background to cutout, • Single spare parts, computer hardware, mobile phones (Cellphone), MP3/MP4 players, laptops, PDAs, iPods, camera, televisions, and other simple shaped electronic appliances, • CD/DVD cover, books, credit cards, other basic shape electronic appliances, • Single sports items with solid & basic shape, etc.

Color Experts International (CEI) provides high quality Photoshop clipping paths (image outlining or Photoshop silo/silhouette/knockout) to knockout background. CEI uses Adobe Photoshop Pen tool (not the Magic Wand tool, quick masking, extract filter or other masking software) exclusively for the clipping paths. As opposed to other methods of digital image masking, 100% of image outlining and clipping path are performed manually. Because of the focus on this niche, the professionals at the CEI are efficient to deliver only the highest quality clipping paths.

For Graphics Design, Clipping Path (Photoshop Image Masking, Image Outlining, or Image Cutout) is an essential option to knockout background and finally extract the central or main image.

Manual photo masking can ensure greater quality than any automated process available in the market. Therefore, CEI offer manual or handmade Clipping Path service. With the help of Clipping Path, CEI also provide Color/Correction Masking Service that involves multiple Masking Clipping Path for color change, correction, animation, and other utilities.

Among many creative design tools, Clipping Path is a non-creative tool for Graphics Designers. Therefore, this requires additional with the help of Clipping Path (Photoshop masking, you can get the following utilities:

• Remove or knockout background from image • Cutout or isolate desired image • Create transparency or transparent backgrounds • Change or use a customized background • Create ads, magazine covers, and lot of other items in print media • Save silhouette selection with the image for later use • Create desired layers, even multiple layers by multiple selection • Shadowing or Dropping Shadows of Desired Image • Create Text or Image Wrap for Special Effects • Create separate components for animation

Color Experts International (CEI) offer Free Trial for quality & service evaluation before sending a job for clipping path & image masking.

About the Founder of CEI:

CEI Founder Dr. R. K. Molla wrote the first book in the world on electronic color separation, PhD in Electronic Color Separation and Master of Science in Printing Management. He taught in various universities in USA for 35 the years in the related fields. His book being used by Prepress companies, Digital Photo studios, Printing companies, Graphic Design houses to name a few throughout the world. Color Experts International (CEI) started by him many years ago and most of our operators and graphic designers are personally trained by Dr. R. K. Molla, so color experts has long record of experience and history within this company.

About the President of CEI:

Mr. Soel Molla who worked for number one prepress company in U.S.A. and he owned his own prepress and graphic design company, combination of number one prepress company and through his own companies in U.S.A. he handled top ad agencies, printing companies, graphic design houses, quality magazines, catalogs, digital photographers to name a few throughout the U.S.A. for prepress work. He has degrees in Printing Technology and Printing Management from the top U.S. University. He is responsible for day to day operations of the company and he personally over look for all Customer Service.

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