Cloudmach Launches 3D HTML5 Game Platform

San Francisco, CA (PressExposure) June 20, 2011 -- Cloudmach Inc. today announced its 3D Cloud Gaming platform that emerged from Cloudmach technology after 3 years of development. The platform is designed to deliver high-quality gaming experience to any web-enabled device without plugins, downloads, or installations.

Cloudmach is a pure HTML5 and JavaScript. This powerful platform creates interactive 3D environments for any web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera) on any device (PC, Mac, iOS, ChromeOS, Adroind, WP7) using WebGL or rendering in a cloud depending on a client device.

Unlike game platforms available on the market today, Cloudmach provides a user with instant access to the most advanced games with high-performance gameplay. "It is very essential to be involved in a game instantly, without having a user wait for megabytes to download and a plugin installation process to finish. Cloudmach enables access to a game in a click. It combines WebGL and server-side rendering to optimize game performance for network bandwidth (Cloudmach bandwidth per user is 50Kbps-2Mbps). This provides a better user experience," says Max Gannutin, Founder and CEO of Cloudmach.

Cloudmach is not limited to a particular type of a game: it can be a casual game or first-person shooter, a single player or a multiplayer game. Cloudmach-based games are friendly to Facebook and other social networks. What differentiates Cloudmach from the existing solutions on the market is that it supports up to 1,000 concurrently running users on a single commodity server which enables a truly massive gaming experience.

Cloudmach platform designed to power anything on the Web offers gamers a degree of availability that has never been seen before. It means that a game can be available on a PC, Mac, iPhone or iPad, and even TV. "Gamers can fully immerse themselves into a game and enjoy continuous playing with no lag on any web-enabled device. With Cloudmach, gamers can play what they like, where they like, and when they like. This level of freedom brings a new vision to game experience," says Andrey Kazakov, Co-founder of Cloudmach.

Cloudmach platform is already being used to bring innovative games and non-gaming virtual worlds to a number of industries such as e-commerce, education, and government. A number of gaming projects are also being pursued in collaboration with international leading gaming companies.

Coming Soon

Cloudmach is launching its Cloud-based platform for development and deployment of 3D browser games this fall. Both developers and 3D artists will be able to develop assets using familiar development tools. Cloudmach platform supports assets from Maya, 3ds Max, Blender leveraging existing game industry experience. With Cloudmach hosting services game publishers will be able to run their games in Cloudmach infrastructure. A subscription to early Cloudmach technology preview is available at [].

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