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Terranora, Australia (PressExposure) April 14, 2009 -- The director of Real Health Products, Ron Campeanu, is a Member of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute and a Chartered Chemist. Ron is a practicing Reiki Master and holds a current Black Belt in Ju Jitsu. Currently studying an Advanced Diploma in Acupuncture. Real Health Products or the idea for it began some time ago when Ron was training in Jujitsu. Very energy demanding, typical of any martial art.

Taking supplements helped enormously (5caps of Q10Sport before training) with the training and the result was a successful black belt and second place in the point stakes for the black belt grading - maybe a lot of hard training also helped. This idea of keeping energy up by taking what may be considered a lot of Q10Sport was translated later to my wife's illness (see below) with much success.

Energy consuming activities deplete the body of nutrients. Think of it like fuel in your car - if low grade fuel is used in a performance vehicle you will notice pinging in the engine when accelerating. The pinging is a symptom of inadequate power from the exploded fuel.

In the body, exactly the same thing happens. The fuel that is available is changed by the body to make energy which the body then transforms into power for the muscles, nerves and other tissues. This power generation is what allows movement. Even joints need to be supple - the available energy is used to improve circulation in the cartilage of joints - as there is no blood in cartilage all nutrients move by diffusion so there is a compelling argument to ensure that the energy required for mobilization of fluids in 'hard to get places' like joints is plentiful and of the correct type.

You see, the energy used by the body is used and actually reassembled - if there is enough of the right chemicals available - yes, chemicals is a name for all materials in the body as we are a massive chemical factory. Your body is a true wonder of the world and we have not begun to understand it's true power.

The business was further developed through a personal need to help my wife's serious illness. Advice that was offered was unacceptable and damaging. We developed our own protocol. It was very successful.

We cannot discuss what illness she had here or how it was overcome, but the simplicity in how it was overcome was staggering and the major side effect was incredible energy and total health.Our lead product is Q10Sport which I am sure will be as remarkable for you as it was for us. It is not an overnight miracle, that takes awhile longer.

There is a very important thing to understand about your body and the 'how and why' Q10Sport works to develop energy and that is - Consistency.

Every 10days the body will change and it depends on the fuel quality to make that change good or not so good. Q10Sport is a mover and shaker - it's like a supercharger on a high powered car but the fuel must be top quality for the car to Perform.

What Q10Sport will do for you is help your body generate energy by helping to improve it's function in a natural way.

Your body will run better on good food and Q10Sport. Commit to at least a 3month daily course of 3capsules daily and you will see the long term difference in your energy.

When the system is able to work as it should, then it will always look for a balance toward health. Just give your body good food and water to help it stay clean and healthy.

Q10Sport active ingredients are all made naturally in the body. Q10Sport gives you more of what is lacking and you will have enough when you feel good - so you decide on how much you need and how often you need it, just as you would with the food you eat - in fact it's best to always take it with food.

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