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Ontario, Canada (PressExposure) October 18, 2011 -- We all like to improve things in our lives. Even things which are already doing quite good. It is this attitude of never being satisfied that has brought us so far. Take for example the automobile industry. If you show someone who drove a car in the '50s a car of the '80s the person would be amazed and impressed. And yet today those same cars of the '80s are thought be old and very much dated. And since we keep up our desire to make things better we now have much better cars than even the cars of the '80s.

But making a car better is now quite an elaborate decision. And it is possible we consider only the popular options from those offered by the car aftermarket industry and fail to consider some really good options that are not so popular. And one such option are coilovers. These are suspension components that bring to you the benefits of a spring type shock absorber and a hydraulic telescopic shock absorber. But then you may ask what are shock absorbers, shock after all is more thought about as an electric shock in everyday life. The shock that is referred to here though is the sudden jolt in the trajectory of the car when it hits an imperfection on the road while traveling at speed. If this jolt is transferred as it is to the passengers of the car they will get rattled and by the time the ride is over they would be badly shaken up.

Therefore there are these suspension components called shock absorbers that do not allow the jolt to pass through to the passengers as a rude shaking. Instead it goes through as a gently rocking of the car which does not cause discomfort. The spring type shock absorbers by compressing up like a spring and then releasing the energy absorbed in the form of a gentle bobbing up and down. The hydraulic ones make a piston push a thick fluid through a tube which acts as a dampener. The spring ones are able to absorb high amounts of energy and the telescopic ones make the bobbing up and down very smooth. Coilovers bring to you the combined benefits of these two types of shock absorbers in a single shock absorber. You can buy them conveniently online. At the time you can also check out related products such as lowering springs. You can know more at

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