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Norfolk, MA (PressExposure) January 28, 2009 -- A new college video series has been created for parents and college-bound students who cannot afford but want a professional coach to help them through the stress-filled college process. Created by the net's most visible coach, Paul Lloyd Hemphill.

This 52-week video series has the following features:

1. Short: These videos are 2 minutes in length, long enough to contain a lot of useful information and short enough to satisfy short attention spans in a fast-pace culture.

2. Content: The focus is on what will work for both parents and students. For example, a video will suggest what topics must be avoided in writing the college application essay. Or, how a parent can save $11,000 by what a student does with free time.

3. Relevance: The videos are topical and address the immediate concerns of most parents and students. By contrast, you will never see a video on how to get into an Ivy League college since the great majority of students will never apply to the Ivys. "My approach," says Hemphill, "is not to waste the viewer's time."

4. Controversial: Some videos are disturbing to colleges, but this isn't the market for which the videos are designed. Colleges will repel at the suggestion in one video that parents make multiple deposits on the standard May 1 deadline. Another video suggests that a student should absolutely apply to at least 10 colleges.

5. Humor: It may be in the form of a funny story that drives the point home, or a one-liner, maybe even a facial expression. Introductions to the video's topic is intended to grab your attention. One video starts this way: "I'm going to show you how to be shallow and superficial in a college admissions office!"

6. Approach: Each video presents a problem and then suggests a viable solution. Some solutions are so simple that you'll conclude you haven't seen or read about this anywhere else. "My own clients," says Hemphill. "are universal in their opinion that these videos are to-the-point and no-nonsense all the way."

7. Theme: The easier ways to pay for college and the easier ways to get in. Hemphill looks for every angle that will make it easier for you to pay for college, and he leaves no stone unturned on some original and creative ways to get into college without appearing brass or slick.

8. Subscription: The series is 52-weeks long. It was designed this way so that you can eat what Hemphill terms as "the college information elephant," one bite at a time. There's a lot of information in these videos to chew on and digest, and Hemphill's own clients, who have been reviewing them for six months, have suggested delivery in this manner. There will be no DVD collection of the video series.

Theme of the weekly video subscription series: the easier ways to pay for college and the easier ways to get in. Objective: Parental Stress Reduction. It's designed for parents who cannot afford the services of a professional college coach. Min monthly fee: $19.95.

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PreCollegePrep, the company which produces these videos, specializes in college admissions and financial aid counseling to parents and college-bound students. Either though video or through one-on-one personal contact. The company's website:

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