Color Printing Need Not Be Too Expensive

East Arlington, TX (PressExposure) July 22, 2009 -- When on a budget, most businesses often ignore full color printing for their marketing collaterals. This is because it is the most expensive choice when it comes to printing.

Traditionally, businesses more often choose collaterals in grayscale rather than those made with color printing so they can save on costs and work within their very limited resources. Full color just means money. In addition, during these trying times, you just cannot afford to lose too much and yet have collaterals that do not work to achieve your goals.

Technically, full color collaterals are your best bet when it comes to providing your target clients with effective marketing tools. Nevertheless, full color entails additional costs, as the inks used are often very expensive. That is why even if you know that you may lose out on opportunities for potential sales, you just cannot afford to pay for color inks right now.

However, you do not realize that it is in understanding the process that can help you maximize the potential of color print jobs. Full color does not mean it stops only on a multitude of colors applied to the printing process. Full color can also mean two-color and four-color. For four color print jobs, you can actually allow your collateral to have a mixture of all four basic ink colors.

This means that you can mix the four basic inks to create the image you want just like what your personal printer has done. You can choose from the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) to create your images and design for your collaterals. All you need to do is to ensure that your print collaterals are designed with CMYK.

Aside from four color printing, there are a lot of ways for you to cut on costs so you can have cheap printing yet with great results. For one thing, you can order in bulk and get discounts and special rates that many printers give their clients.

Advance purchases also allow you to ask for major cuts in your overall costs especially if you opt for a much slower delivery time. Shipping costs are then saved because you do not need to rush your print job, which again entails more expenses.

Another way to work on your limited budget is to choose your type of paper stock. For your flyers for example, you can opt for cheaper paper, a relatively thin one, as well as add color with shaded paper.

Color printing is relatively cost efficient if you know where to cut your costs. Do not miss out on an opportunity to be effective by being ignorant. Learn more of how you can save on your printing costs without having to slash color from your design.

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