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Belfast, United Kingdom (PressExposure) September 05, 2012 -- Respected self protection instructor and author Neal Martin has just released a new e-book through his blog, Combative Mind.

Neal is a certified instructor under the legendary self defence guru Geoff Thompson, the man hailed by Black Belt Magazine as the most influential self defence instructor in the world. Like Geoff Thompson, Neal has spent many years working as a bouncer and teaching martial arts and self defence.

"Working doors for so long I learned about real violence," Neal says. "I also learned how to deal with real violence, the best solutions for self defence."

It is because of his extensive experiences in dealing with real violence on a regular basis that Neal was able to compile his latest book, which gives people ways to train self defence in a very practical and realistic manner, completely preparing them for the real thing on the street.

The e-book contains over forty drills that are guaranteed to enhance and accelerate anyone's self defence training, no matter what style they happen to train in.

Included in the book are: striking drills, defensive drills, anti-grappling drills, multiple attacker drills, knife awareness drills, blindfolded drills, solo training drills, combative psychology drills, awareness enhancement drills and many more.

"Training self defence the wrong way can be dangerous," Neal says. "I wrote this book to show people the right way to train self defence, a way that will help people and actually prepare them for real violence encounters."

The problem with most self defence training, according to Neal, is that most people train it in a completely wrong way. They tend to train it in a martial arts way, instead of in a realistic street way. This is why most people fall down when confronted by a real attacker in the street.

"The drills in this book are based upon realistic training methods and my own experiences from working doors," Neal says. "Do the drills as described in the book and you will vastly increase your chances of surviving a real street attack."

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Click here to get your completely FREE Combatives Drills e-book containing over 40 different drills that are guaranteed to accelerate your self defence training! From respected self protection instructor and author Neal Martin, founder of On Guard Combat Systems and publisher of Combative Mind.

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