Combit List and Label Reporting Tool Released In Version 19

Constance, Germany (PressExposure) October 30, 2013 -- Version 19 of the List & Label reporting tool has been released by software developer combit. The new version of the developer component offers even more interactive reports, new chart types and many innovations for .NET and web developers. combit is one of a select group of international launch partners for Visual Studio 2013, so List & Label 19 works perfectly with the new development environment. Windows 8.1 and Embarcadero RAD Studio XE5 are also supported. The new version is DPI-Aware, meaning the display is ideal for high-resolution displays, for example when using tablet PCs.

"After we achieved substantial performance gains in List & Label 18, version 19 now brings great new features for end users," says Jochen Bartlau, Managing Director and Head of Development List & Label. Report parameters and collection variables will especially catch the eye. They enable the end user to filter and process the displayed data according to his preferences. Jochen Bartlau is amazed: "Expandable regions and interactive sorting in tables allow the user to customize the report directly in the preview."

There is news in the charts section, too: shapefiles are now available in List & Label. With the included geo shapefiles of continents with countries and oceans data can be visualized on a map. Moreover, users can create their own shapefiles with CAD software and benefit from almost unlimited possibilities: for example, it is possible to recreate seating plans of event rooms. Funnel, pipeline and donut complete the chart types for vivid reports. Web and .NET developers will appreciate the new data providers OData and REST.

More information about the new version can be found on combit's website:

List & Label 19 is available in the Standard Edition starting at EUR 650 / US$ 895. An upgrade costs EUR 312 / US$ 429. The subscription editions are available from EUR 1200 / US$ 1652, each excluding VAT (Exchange rate as of 24/10/2013). A subscription includes service packs, feature updates, upgrades to new versions and flat-rate support.

List & Label 19: Highlights of The New Version

Report Parameters
Reports can quickly become cluttered if you are using data from multiple sources. Report parameters enable end users to select specific values in the preview. This way, they can define which information should be displayed. Report parameters can be used in formulas like any other variables. And because report parameters are defined in the Designer, end users benefit, too.

Collection Variables
Collection variables enable you to easily categorize data. For example, you can assign a specific color to collected data. This additional information is then available for chart colors, labels for crosstabs and more in the Designer.

Expandable Regions
The expandable regions in the preview offer a drilldown function, providing users with clearly structured information. Simply activated in the Designer, end users will be able to "home in" on the details they need.

Interactive Sorting
The interactive sorting feature in the preview turns regular lists into comprehensive information records. You can sort data according to your needs to quickly find the facts you require, all in a single report.

Shapefile, e.g. for Geo Visualization
Shapefile is a new chart type exclusive to the Enterprise Edition. A range of shapefile templates for the earth and continents are included, and many more are available online, allowing you to create a diverse range of charts. You can create your own shapefiles using CAD software - for example, to create floor plans and visualize event rooms and bookings etc.

Combined Charts
List & Label 19's combination charts are an easy way of displaying totals, averages, and average lines on bar charts - making it easy to integrate lines of best fit and recognize trends.

Funnel Chart
Funnel charts are used to visualize any process that involves a reduction in numbers over time. For example, they can depict the gradual transition from an initial group of leads to the final number of customers.

Pipeline Chart
Pipeline charts show what's "in the pipeline" - an ideal addition to dashboards in business intelligence programs. They provide an easy-to-understand overview, making them perfect for production processes.

Donut Chart
You can vary your diagram style and give your report a fresh look by adding a simple, modern donut chart in 2D or 3D. And as always with List & Label, everything can be tailored in line with your needs.

New Data Provider - OData and REST
OData is a web protocol for querying databases. For example, it enables you to easily integrate data from Microsoft® Visual Light-Switch® into your applications. LightSwitch applications can be configured as an OData server with mouse-click simplicity. REST is the query language of choice for many CMS systems, web applications and web-based database solutions. The new data providers enable you to integrate data from these sources into List & Label.

Visual Studio 2013 and Windows 8.1
Developer combit is a Visual Studio 2013 Launch Partner. This ensures that List & Label 19 fully supports the new development environment. The report generator also supports Windows 8.1 and Embarcadero RAD Studio XE5.

Higher-resolution Displays
In addition to standard-resolution screens, List & Label 19 now supports displays with a high DPI value - as can be found in the latest tablets. This means software developers can label their application DPI-aware, and ensure that text does not appear blurred or navigation elements too small on these devices.

Product Description
Thousands of development teams and millions of end users trust in the multiple award winning report generator List & Label. Since 1992, customers worldwide value the fast performance and scalability, the royalty free report designer and one of the most extensive report generators. Compared to other report generators, List & Label provides the largest degree of flexibility in regard to the types of data that can be analyzed, the supported program languages and the number of export and barcode formats. The List & Label Designer is available in multiple languages and can be integrated into the application without additional license fees. This way, end users can create reports, too. The reporting module List & Label from the German software developer combit is available in German and English and is offered in three editions. The Designer can be switched to many other languages with language kits. The subscription-based versions include feature updates and flat-rate support.

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