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Jersey City, NJ (PressExposure) September 03, 2008 -- "We contend daily with the challenge of figuring out who and what to trust online," said CEO and Chief Security Architect of Comodo CA, Melih Abdulhayoglu. "The Internet has yet to achieve its full potential because we cannot tell the fraudsters from our friends. In 2008, Comodo has worked hard to combat this problem."

The Comodo companies announced their vision and the solutions they have developed for the architecture of the "Trusted Internet", a state that provides everyone increased online safety by introducing trust into every online interaction. The Trusted Internet depends on both authentication and security technologies to protect digital assets and transactions through mutual, real-time trust. Comodo's vision of the Trusted Internet is backed by a fast-growing and diverse team of innovators that deliver new solutions to the market at a faster pace than many other companies in the segment. In 2008 alone, the Comodo companies have introduced at least one new technology a month in the security and authentication categories, bringing the Trusted Internet state closer to all online users and businesses.

The Trusted Internet The Trusted Internet vision incorporates a variety of authentication and security technologies needed to provide mutual authentication between sites and visitors. Within a Trusted Internet, Comodo empowers users to verify site content, verify site identity, and verify business practices of a site, all while staying safe using a holistic security system that incorporates malware detection, prevention, and removal services. The architecture of a Trusted Internet includes:

* Authentication layer

* Multi-layered security solutions

A) The Authentication Layer The core technology model for the Trusted Internet is the Comodo Authentication Layer. This architecture incorporates patent-pending technologies with both centralized and distributed authentication processes. This capability harnesses Comodo CA's core competency in PKI for centralized authentication and innovations in creating platforms for harnessing user generated verification intelligence within a distributed authentication structure. Together, this provides for a balanced authentication infrastructure that addresses a diverse set of needs.

Comodo Centralized Authentication Solutions:

* EV SSL for improved online business identity verification

* Code Signing Certificates for verification of code publishers

* SecureEmail

* Two Factor Authentication

* Content Verification Certificates

* VerificationEngine for content verification (patent-pending, free license)

* PCI Vulnerability Management

Comodo Distributed Authentication Solutions:

* UserTrust, a free feedback platform for eMerchants

* TestmyPC, a free resource to assess the efficacy of a PC's security system

B) Multi-layered prevention, detection and remediation security solutions Comodo Security Solutions has developed efficient security technologies for businesses and end users to address evolving multi-layered threats. The security architecture integrates prevention, detection and remediation technologies critical for effective security. The solutions within this area include:

* TRUSTIX Enterprise Firewall (free license)

* Comodo Firewall Pro (free license)

* Comodo BackUp (free license)

* TrustConnect, encryption services for wireless online sessions

* Comodo Firewall Pro PLUS, PC maintenance and remediation service

"In an environment of increasing threats, we must empower all stakeholders within the Internet with tools to deliver the right authentication information quickly at the point of need to protect users and critical assets," said Abdulhayoglu. "The Trusted Internet initiative addresses the industry's and public's most pressing needs for trusted online interactions. It introduces new security and authentication technologies to increase the power of the Internet to improve the lives of millions of people." The Comodo companies' 2008 Innovations

August - Free Secure Email for Consumers July - Two-factor authentication for Microsoft SharePoint and Outlook Web Access applications July - Painless PCI Compliance Program July - Trustix Enterprise Firewall (V4.81) June - Unified Communications Certificates (UCC) May - TrustConnect April - Automated Provisioning Tools for SSL Deployment March - March - Trustix Enterprise Firewall February - AVSmartâ„¢ Warranty February - Firewall Pro (V3. January - UserTrust

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About Comodo Group

The Comodo companies provide the infrastructure that is essential in enabling e-merchants, other Internet-connected companies, software companies, and individual consumers to interact and conduct business via the Internet safely and securely. The Comodo companies offer PKI SSL, Code Signing, Content Verification and E-Mail Certificates; award winning PC security software; vulnerability scanning services for PCI Compliance; secure e-mail and fax services.

Continual innovation, a core competence in PKI, and a commitment to reversing the growth of Internet-crime distinguish the Comodo companies as vital players in the Internet's ongoing development. Comodo secures and authenticates online transactions and communications for over 200,000 business customers and 3,000,000 users of our desktop security products.

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