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Warwickshire, United Kingdom (PressExposure) December 09, 2009 -- A Warwickshire-based computer forensics supplier is leading the way in researching new digital technologies in the fight against crime. CCL-Forensics, based in Stratford-upon-Avon, is receiving a growing number of enquires about the forensic analysis of new and complex mobile phones and computers – all of which can contain vital digital data which can be used in a wide range of investigations.

As mobile phones become ever more sophisticated, they are essentially developing into small computers – meaning they can hold a wealth of significant data in addition to just contact lists, text messages and call logs. Because of this, an analysis of these complex phones needs to be tackled more like a computer forensic investigation, than a traditional phone analysis. Many phones now include applications, and are themselves optimised for “social networking” with Facebook and Myspace applications built in to many models. This can mean a large amount of accessible data is stored on the phone, which is not interpreted by standard digital forensic tools.

CCL-Forensics’ Marketing Manager Andy Holmes says “This data, which isn’t deleted, is sometimes accessible by forensics tools – but the added value comes from interpreting and presenting it. CCL-Forensics has invested considerable in R&D to enable this data to be extracted and presented from an increasing number of phones.”

Other valuable data which can be stored on phones is the custom dictionary list. When a user enters a word which the phone doesn’t recognise, they are given the option of adding it to the dictionary. Using tools and techniques developed by CCL-Forensics, these lists can be extracted and presented to the client, giving often useful mens rea (literally “guilty mind”) evidence in a case. This is a crucial part of a typical computer forensic investigation, and thanks to CCL-Forensics’ advancements in mobile phone forensics, can also be applied to a variety of mobile phone handsets.

It doesn’t have to be a particularly complex phone for this type of evidence to be stored. Most phones have internet access in one form or another, and therefore can hold this valuable data. Technology will only continue to advance, and as it does so, the boundaries between computer forensics and mobile phone forensics will become increasingly blurred. CCL-Forensics will continue to invest in its internal R&D function to ensure it can handle an increasing number of new and more complex devices. For more information, please call 01789 261200.

CCL-Forensics is a Warwickshire-based computer forensics and mobile phone forensics supplier which has been working with some of the UK’s largest police forces, law enforcement agencies and legal firms since 2002. More information is available at

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