Concept of "Raising the Bottom" Explored in Award-Winning Alcohol & Drug Addiction Book

Boulder, CO (PressExposure) July 17, 2008 -- Boulder author Joe Herzanek explores the concept of "raising the bottom" in his award-winning book “Why Don’t They JUST QUIT?” ( Herzanek explains, “This whole idea of “hitting bottom” is out of date. Some people will wait years—even decades—for their friend to reach this mythical point in their alcohol and drug use. But why wait for them to “hit bottom”? Why not help them by raising their bottom?”

Joe uses decades of successful experience counseling families, inmates in the Boulder County Jail, and with his own son, to explain how this works. "Just got my book. I'm previewing it and hit a "Thank you, Lord!" moment on page 105 about raising the bottom. I have wondered about that idea for some time now, but couldn't seem to find professionals or support groups who I felt were smart enough to answer my questions. I could continue, but to keep it short: Bless you all for putting out these resources!" --Robb B, Pineville, NC

Herzanek—a recovering addict/alcoholic himself says, “My Mother Gladys, successfully used this idea with me thirty years ago, which led to twenty-nine days in treatment and a life of recovery. There are ways to encourage someone to reach for help much earlier and by doing so, we can avoid a lot of unnecessary pain and heartache—and maybe even save their life. For some people, hitting bottom will be six feet underground.”

Joe explains further, “Does everyone have to hit rock bottom? I would say no. Tough love can prevent a substance abuser from prolonging their usage. There are loving ways to refuse to rescue someone that in the long run will help him or her to choose recovery. Loving means doing the right thing to help. This can take all of our strength and energy at times. We all hate to see someone suffer—even when the suffering is a consequence of his or her bad choices.

This approach, or some form of it, is something you might consider; Raise the bottom. The next time this person you care about appeals to you to get them out of a bind (loan them money, pay their electric bill, buy them gas, pay for a lawyer), think twice. You just might be prolonging their disease and robbing them of the natural consequences that they need to experience in order to seek help and begin to connect the dots.”

"Although there are many books available to help the recovering person, very few speak to those on the "outside", who want to help, but don't know where to begin. "Why Don't They JUST QUIT?" offers hope to families and friends, giving practical solutions so they can help anyone struggling with addiction to begin the road to recovery. This could be just the resource they are looking for." -Lee Barchan, Exectutive Director, Transitions Recovery Program, North Miami Beach, Florida

"Alcohol and drugs consumed my daughter's life. I can't put into words-the anguish of attending my daughter's funeral. I wish I would have had this book long ago. Maybe Mia would still be here. I didn't know how to help her. Why Don't They JUST QUIT? is full of answers I could have used." -Pam M. (Parent), Niwot, Colorado

About the author, Joe Herzanek and "Why Don't They JUST QUIT?": The Next Generation Indie Book Awards has selected "Why Don't They JUST QUIT?", as the Winner in the Self Help Category for 2008.

Joe Herzanek is available for radio shows, media interviews, and speaking engagements (email:, or phone#: (303) 775.6493). Two free copies of the book will be provided to each radio or TV show that interviews the author.

"Why Don't They JUST QUIT?" (book and companion DVD) is now available on the Web (at and and can be ordered in bookstores everywhere. Contact Partners West Book Distributing (1-800-563-2385) ISBN 9781604020786.

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