Confessions of a Retired Doctor

Warrington, United Kingdom (PressExposure) August 16, 2009 -- The Poplars, Church Lane, Warrington, United Kingdom, August 16, 2009- A scientist and a doctor, Janice Pownall is definitely at the top of her game.

Janice is not just any doctor. Her expertise was recognized not only in the United Kingdom but all over the world. She was famous for her knowledge in the field of environmental microbiology and virology. In fact, her knowledge in these fields became her gateway to see the world. She was able to travel and see the world as she lectured in various countries and participated in virology research with several water supply companies which led to new international standards in water treatment and testing.

Of course, as Janice saw the world, she didn't forget to extend a helping hand in her home country. She once gave expert advice to a Select Committee on the Environment at the House of Commons, United Kingdom's parliament.

Despite all her success, Janice still wants to give something back to the people. Janice is unlike other doctors who practice simply because it is their profession and they need to bring food to the table. Some doctors find the need to collaborate with pharmaceutical companies. The consideration is that they prescribe the drugs manufactured by the pharmaceutical company in exchange for a commission. Intentions of helping people get well are dissolved once money matters are involved.

Pharmaceutical companies are not just persuading doctors to sell their products; they also go directly to their main markets - the patients themselves. They employ aggressive marketing schemes aimed at selling an artificial product to sublimate symptoms, rather than curing the root cause of the ailment. The end result of these marketing campaigns is that the expense of a glitzy campaign is incorporated into the price of the medicine itself. The popular formula for these companies is to use aggressive marketing, pay for doctors' endorsements and gain large returns. Unfortunately, although the products that these companies are selling might work to deal with the symptoms of the disease and may solve the illness in the short term, the price of the product becomes the issue later on.

For Janice, being a doctor and a scientist is more than a profession. It's a calling. Now that she has retired from the profession, she has the strong urge to continue helping people. She wants to give something back. She is now setting up a website that can help people find remedies without the use of expensive drugs that pharmaceutical companies market. Natural remedies are the better, safer and more practical alternative that people can use today.

Natural remedies are the answer to many of the common diseases of today, and conditions that require medication. Why go for expensive and artificial cures when you can find simple and cheap solutions? In this time of financial crisis, the best thing to do is to be practical in finding solutions.

This is the objective of Janice's website. She wants to help people find relief for their conditions without having to spend so much on commercially manufactured medicines. With her expertise in the field, Janice certainly knows how to treat simple conditions naturally. This is her way of giving something back to people.

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Janice Pownall will help you find simple solutions to your conditions and illnesses the natural way. There’s no need for expensive medications. All you need is right within your reach.

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