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Lyon, France (PressExposure) July 13, 2011 -- GLOBALIZATION, SOCIAL INSECURITY, HEALTH



LYON -FRANCE, from 19 to 22 October 2011


A symposium based on the following theme « Psychosocial effects of globalization on mental health » will take place during four days at the "Double Mixte" hall in Lyon-Villeurbanne (France), which is situated on the campus of the University Lyon1. This event is organized by "l'Observatoire National des pratiques en Santé Mentale et Précarité" (National Observatory of practices in Mental Health and Social Insecurity - LYON - FRANCE), together with the collaboration of the universities and the institutions of the five continents, and with the international agencies.

This congress will be chaired by Jean Furtos, MD, Scientific Director of ONSMP.

Psychosocial effects of globalization on mental health: towards ecology of social links :

Each era is a subject to powerful processes which influences the way people live in society. Our era is marked by the psychosocial effects of the neoliberal globalization present in the five continents. It produces a continued state of precariousness (social insecurity) which is characterized by an uncertainty in social links. At first we noticed it by the poorest and the sickest people, nevertheless it is also present in the very heart of our own societies. This uncertainty weakens the principles of life as well as the social support structures and produces a triple loss of confidence: in ourselves, in others, and in the future. It is definitely a challenge to take up to.

Covered Topics: Globalization, Social Insecurity and Health.

Globalization seen from a « human ecology » point of view:

How do people deal with globalization? Linking and delinking in globalization. Psychosocial effects of a collective disaster. What are the perspectives of the mental health policy in the next ten years, in northern and in southern countries?

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You will also find a video introducing the congress within Jean Furtos and Pilar Arcella Giraux, organization comity members.

Prestigious speakers:

- Driss Moussaoui (Morocco), President of Global Association of Social Psychiatry.

- Benedetto Saraceno (Switzerland), Director of CCOMS in mental health from Geneva University.

- Edgar Morin (France), Sociologist and philosopher.

- Hartmut Rosa (Germany), Philosopher and sociologist, professor in Friedrich Schiller, Iena University.

- Qin Hui (China), Professor in social sciences college, Qinghua University, Beijing.

- Vikram Patel (India) Mental health teacher - Goa and London.

- Eliot Sorel (USA), Global Association of Psychiatry, conflict management division.

The three main goals of the congress:

- Presenting and describing the psychosocial disorders in the way they appear in the diversity of cultures and countries worldwide. We must know what there is in order to know how we should respond. The aim is not to focus on the prevailing pessimism but to start from the reality of the situation.

- From this diversity, sharing the research findings and focusing on the supports provided by the wide range of health, social, political and development actors. Their actions show positive factors for mental health; people experiencing great psychosocial difficulties belong to this group. The aim is to develop these potential actions.

- Proposing the « Déclaration of Lyon », based on the principle of human rights which should be extended to social links with its obviously inherent consequences.

Audience targeted for this Congress :

Decision-makers of the mental health field (state or elected representatives, institutional leaders, international organizations), mental health practitioners (health carers along with social carers, associations), researchers in human sciences and in economy, students and user associations.

Information / contact / registration :

From Wednesday 19 to Saturday 22 of October 2011, from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm.

In the « Double Mixte » hall in Lyon-Villeurbanne (France)

Conference language: French

Simultaneous translation: English and Spanish

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