Consistency - A Major Plus in Bulk Printing

Los Angeles, California (PressExposure) April 25, 2008 -- As a business, you will soon learn something about marketing. It is that you'll be dealing with a lot of advertising forms in the years of your stay in the industry. But whatever you do, whether you do it in broadcast or in availing bulk printing services, you need not forget this one thing.


Being consistent with most elements in your ads will prove to be an advantage for your biz as years go by. You may not be able to see the results after a year or two years stay. But soon, or when you have stayed longer in the trade, you will definitely experience the benefits of being consistent.

What does this mean?

• People will easily recognize your brand by associating it to the consistent elements that they keep seeing on your ads.

• You will not waste your time thinking too hard about changing every part of your ad each time you come up with one. All you've got to do is remain constant with the important and most striking elements.

• Match your consistency plan with the best products that you can offer your clients. This leaves no room for errors. This will also fast forward your climb to the top.

Important Factors about Consistency

Here are some more considerations to think about when deciding about being consistent when it comes to your ads.

1. When choosing a color to be the theme, look first and foremost at your leading competitors. Do not use the one that they are using. You don't want to be tagged as a second great, or worse, a great imitator.

Do not base the color according to what's your favorite. It will work some times but not all the time. It is better to base the theme to what your target market likes. After all, this is all for them. This is not about you. This is about selling your products by giving people what they want.

2. Decide on a logo for your company. This must be used on your every ad processed through bulk printing. That bulk must contain the logo that you think will be easily remembered by prospective clients.

Make sure that the logos look the same on each of your ads. The fonts must be the same. Use it on your business cards, catalogs, flyers, even posters and banners.

3. It doesn't always have to rhyme, but you really must have a tag line. Use only one per season. You can change it after a period of time. Or you can just tweak the old one but remain loyal on most of the words.

The tag lines can be seen on your small ad materials. But it will also be a good display on posters, even vinyl banners or static clings on your offices and stores.

So if you are thinking about how you want to project your business right now to the market, think about one thing. Follow the tips about consistency above. Guide your clients towards you by having the right tools and the constant elements that they will be able to associate with you.

Use this idea when you want to avail bulk printing services for you marketing materials. You will prove this to be worthy in the long run.

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