Control Population Growth With Awareness, Or Perish

Bangalore, India (PressExposure) July 03, 2011 -- Every year on 11 Th July, UNFPA observes as World Population Day. As per "UNaid" website, all over the world 50 countries are already officially adopted family planning and putting all possible efforts like providing financial help, material gifts, strict enforcement methods to implement their family planning programs effectively. But lack of education, awareness, as well as religious and personnel sentiments are becoming hindrance in achieving their timely goals. As the golden old saying goes ,"less luggage makes journey more comfort", to literally prove it even in real life as well, an Indian NGO, based at Bangalore, "ART OF AWARENESS LIVING" has made extensive research and identified an easy, costless and effective way to spread family planning implementation, effortlessly, willingly and voluntarily adoptable by productive couple.

It has identified surprisingly hidden 70 benefits for a small family, i.e. single child family. As per Art of Awareness living, Single child family economically benefits the most. Single child family enjoys special status in the society. Parents can bring up their lonely child in the way as per their dreams. Family expenditure will be comparatively less and hence improves savings. Child and mother mortality rates drastically come down and the family health standard will improve. Divorce rates will reduce and family love and affection bondages will improve. Quality of life and standard of living will improve. Their generations will never suffer illiteracy. Mother will have less household work. Parents can retire early from their family responsibilities. Family can enjoy maximum privacy, silence as well as leisure. Comparatively tension will be less in the family; hence all the family members will enjoy peaceful and healthy long lives. Generally no scope for properties related problems to arise in the family. All possibilities are there to live ever united joint family. Comparatively small family needs smaller accommodation. So the family can plan their accommodation very early. Single child family need not construct one more house, as they have only single child.

Single child family parents generally need not write a will. No nomination is required for operating joint bank accounts. Investments, instruments, stocks etc, as all accounts and investments can open with three member's joint accounts. More children family's properties compulsorily divide with every generation, where as single child family's properties automatically multiplies with every generation. Small family concept will encourage breast feeding of babies. Because of high literacy rate of child, intellectual, scientific and creative society takes shape. It reduces drastically mass family suicides because of hunger and poverty. Because of more leisure and less expenditure required, your family affords to enjoy more picnics and tours, even at short notices. Family will enjoy real financial and mental freedom. As a last word, except when you need muscle strength, in almost all other comparisons, only single child family stands first in enjoying the maximum benefits.

In addition to them, small family will contribute in many ways to the society, country, to the world in addition to enhancing the ever dreamt world peace. Liberal awareness education will definitely encourage productive couple voluntarily, willfully to adopt family planning very effectively, rather than financial attractions or forced rules. Art of awareness living has dedicated itself to eradicate poverty, hunger, illiteracy, ignorance, to provide happy, healthy, prosperous and peaceful lives to the entire mankind.

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