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New Delhi, India (PressExposure) December 05, 2009 -- Now a days, Hypertension or High blood pressure is one of the most common cause of stroke in people causing various heart diseases as high blood pressure is directly linked to Heart (Cardiovascular) diseases, currently is the leading cause of death in the western world with over seven hundred thousand deaths in the U.S. alone annually, and has an associated risk due to Electro magnetic field. EMFs are not blocked or weakened by trees, walls, buildings, or other structures. Like X-rays, they pass through these objects and into our bodies - disrupting normal cellular function and biological processes.

Review reveals a relationship between genetic damage, cancer, leukemia, neurodegenerative disorders, blood brain barrier linkage, and hormonal disruptions to electromagnetic radiation. EMR exposure leads to functional disturbances of the central nervous system such as headaches, increased susceptibility to fatigue, increased irritability, dizziness, sleepiness, sweating, concentration difficulties, memory loss, depression, emotional instability, mild limb tremors, cardiac arrhythmias, increases in blood pressure, and appetite loss.

Mr. Karan Goel, CEO & founder, Keva Industries said, "Our organization is committed to serve human beings and enhance their health by protecting them from sources that have a harmful impact on the environment so in regard to this Keva Industries introduces Keva Anti - Radiation Heart Guard might just be the solution for hypertension patients. It is not recommended to be taken as a prescriptive medicine or drug as it is for external use & will not affect the other medications.

Keva Anti Radiation- Heart Guard is a non-drug solution for the treatment of hypertension and available without a prescription & without any side effects just keep the card with your self in an ordinary way & you can see the difference yourself. You will be less prone to the frequent headaches & Hypertension. It is emerging as one of the most powerful natural methods for lowering blood pressure and regulating the cardiovascular system. Many products in the market help monitor blood pressure, but Keva Anti Radiation- Heart Guard will also help to improve high blood pressure.

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