Controversial Chicago Artist Brings Tears with "Crack Baby Anthem" on YouTube

Chicago, IL (PressExposure) December 23, 2009 -- Based on a true story, "Mama Can U Hear Me?" is the latest epic creation of recording artist LUNATIC The Messiah to be released for free to the public. A video of pretty graphic proportions, the song expresses in first person the frustration, love, pain and sorrow of an unborn child barely surviving in the womb of a woman hopelessly addicted to crack cocaine.

Filmed and produced in Chicago by James "Mo" Nelson (of CAN-TV Channel 19's "The Mo Show"), the video was completed in 2005, but went unreleased pending a label decision to recreate the video on a higher budget. The recent decision to release the video on YouTube after 4 years, however, was the result of demand from fans worldwide who saw the video on bootlegged unreleased copies and have been demanding it on YouTube and many social sites such as MySpace and FaceBook.

The song "Mama Can U Hear Me?" is a powerfully-crafted story, told in explicit detail, that capture's the experience of a crack baby like no other song to date. The video likewise, despite being low budget, hits home and gets the message across almost as effectively as the artist's vocals.

With his "TOGGLE" LP in the works and a looming release date promised to be early this spring, LUNATIC's online presence has soared since concentrating on giving music away for free on mixtapes and video sites. The "Mama Can U Hear Me?" video is one of many that fans can watch or download for free at [] or LUNATIC's label website

At a time when mainstream music seems to be more about the "baller" lifestyle and sex/drug/violence-themed memes, LUNATIC remains in the ranks of artists walking the road less-traveled by devoting his talent to social ills the masses can relate to and being as unique and creative as possible. Hip-Hop lover or not, "Mama Can U Hear Me?" is a video everyone should see, or at least a song everyone should here.

Watch the "Mama Can U Hear Me?" video for free on YouTube at:

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