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Vancouver, British Columbia Canada (PressExposure) June 05, 2006 -- “On any particular day you can read about Hurricanes, Snipers, Al Qaeda, Aids, SARS, the West Nile Virus, Ebola, Mad Cow Disease, the Avian Flu and countless other things that are threatening humankind as we know it.”

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Seed’s Sketchy Relationship Theories - A Guide to The Perils of Dating (How not to become a bar regular) has been gaining media momentum by providing a mixture of twisted comedy and controversial subject matter.

-excerpt Seed’s Sketchy Relationship Theories.

What has changed today?

Replace snipers with gun violence, SARS with Crystal Meth and it’s no wonder we’re struggling to survive and remain sane.

Seed and Euro Seed may be the first authors who really examine how these events impact every aspect of our lives, including marriage. They don’t offer the fluff other relationship books offer on winning love, instead, they examine how these factors affect love. And, amazingly they do it by combining hard-hitting social commentary and comedy in perfect balance.

They challenge North America’s soaring divorce rate and societies disposable look at life based solely on self gratification. In contrast to the portrayal of relationships on TV programs such as Desperate Housewives and Sex in the City, they suggest what happens in real life is quite a bit different.

The Seed recently appeared on Citytv’s Breakfast Television in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Media review copies are available.

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“I’m amazed at the Seed’s ability to write such controversial, funny and powerful book,” co-author Greg Magas states, also known as “Euro Seed.” He adds, “During a 2 month period of time while writing the book, Seed had to overcome a break-up, 4 deaths (including a suicide) and to top it off, he discovered everything about his life was a lie. The book truly is a story of determination a perseverance. With an incredibly powerful positive message.”

The book has garnered attention from London, England all the way to Paris, Texas.

Media to date:

Appeared on Citytv’s, Breakfast Television in Vancouver, British Columbia with Simi Sara & Dave Gerry. One hour live interview on CJAD 800 radio in Montreal. “Passions.” They were featured on News 1130 in Vancouver. Radio interviews scheduled: Iowa and Victoria. Seed writes a weekly column for a London England website Seed writes a regular column for 24 Hours Vancouver on a wide variety of subjects. Seed writes an advice column. “Ask Seed.” Receives questions from around the Globe. Seed & Euro Seed have recently completed writing their second book "Poutine." Poutine is chalk full of wicked humor, amazing anecdotes, eye popping imagery, hard-hitting commentary and abstract random musings.

“I was terrified of my first television appearance” Seed remarks. “It took me a month to build up the courage to watch the tape. I was pleasantly surprised. I am extremely excited about doing more interviews, radio, television and print. I’m honored at the opportunity to share my thoughts and hopefully make the world a slightly better place,” he continues. “The thing I feared the most was that the readers wouldn’t get my sense of humor. The reviews indicate that they have.”

Reviews have been excellent:

“It's absolutely genre-defying, ranging from self-help to scathing social commentary to a stream-of-consciousness exploration of seemingly random topics that combine to deliver a thought-provoking how-to on living--and loving--your life.

……. Seed lays himself bare. I loved the messenger transcripts with an ex-lover, juxtaposing his present, positive worldview with his previous emotional neediness to great effect. The man has clearly taken his own advice.

But it's Seed's wit--razor sharp, self-deprecating and utterly un-PC---that really sets this book apart. ….. I found myself thinking, "Did he actually just say that?" while realizing that once again, I was laughing out loud. ”

“They take shots at virtually every aspect of dating and the world and nobody is spared from their opinions. …..what made it really work for me is the simple fact they started right from the get go taking shots at themselves: "Sketchy". Sketchy (adjective) - roughly or hastily laid out; intended for later refinement. The authors want the readers to do the refining.

This book will offend some. This book will send the grammar police into convulsions. Far more important: this book will make the reader think and laugh their butts off. I know I did”

“……..there are suggestions that there will be more works from this duo coming down the pike and the pathways they are choosing sound most intriguing.”

In fact Seed & Euro Seed have recently completed two more projects: “Poutine” and “Russians Clowns & Drag Queens.”

Stay tuned for release dates.

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The two men are also the “original seeds” behind Seed Enterprises, a dynamic new company that is actively involved in publishing, entertainment and fashion, and that is motivated by a sense of responsibility to change the world for the better.


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