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Moscow, Russian Federation (PressExposure) May 16, 2008 -- myFormatFactory announces the release of Factory Audio Converter, a Windows utility to convert between hundreds of audio file formats. Supporting all common and many exotic audio formats, Factory Audio Converter is a leading MP3 converter on the market.

About Factory Audio Converter

Downloading a song only to find out it won't play in a certain portable MP3 player is annoying. MP3 players get smarter every day, but so do software developers inventing one audio file format after another. Claiming benefits such as reduced bitrates and increased perceptual sound quality, the developers forget about the average Joe who simply wants to listen to the music on the go without getting into too much trouble converting between the various formats.

Adding to the confusion, there are versions of formats, For example, the original standard defined many things such as bitrates and methods of encoding of a stereo signal. However, as the standard evolved, things such as variable bit rate have been added to the standard. Not all modern MP3 players support it, and almost none of the older ones do.

When one gets a song in an exotic format, or in a newer version of a common format that has features not supported by ones MP3 player, one starts looking for an audio conversion tool that would be able to turn the song into a format recognized by a certain player, such as plain MP3. These tools are commonly referred to as MP3 converters.

Factory Audio Converter makes it easy to convert between hundreds of audio formats. Supporting all common and a multitude of exotic audio formats, the tool is one of the most universal MP3 converters ever created. Factory Audio Converter enables users to convert multiple files between MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC, FLAC, OGG, APE, MPC, and many other audio formats with the click of a button. The MP3 converter supports ripping CDs directly into the target format - lossless or highly compressed.

Factory Audio Converter is not just another MP3 converter on the market. Supporting a multitude of audio formats, this MP3 converter makes it possible to play just about any audio, no matter how rare or exotic the format is.

Users with terabytes of music in lossless format will find it unlikely that those FLAC files will ever play in an iPod. The MP3 converter will turn each of the files into MP3, AAC, OGG, or just about any audio format supported by the player.

If a CD collection is collecting dust on the shelves, a separate CD ripper and MP3 converter are not required. Factory Audio Converter eliminates the need for a dedicated MP3 converter, and rips CDs directly into the target format. The MP3 converter makes it possible to go lossless and save CDs into FLAC, or save disk space and go with MP3, OGG, AAC, or any of the many file formats supported by Factory Audio Converter.

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