Cool Cat Furniture That Your Cat is Actually Going to Love

Chesterfield, Missouri (PressExposure) May 07, 2011 -- We have all seen modern cat beds and some of us may have bought modern cat beds, only to take them home and the cat looks at it, sniffs at it, then tosses you a disdainful glance and shuffles off to see where it can repose in a place that is truly fitting of such a cool cat. Well, cool cat furniture is here; that's right, the pEiPod is an egg that has hatched the most luxurious, padded, cool cat furniture that your cat is actually going to love. That is why the pEiPod is different; cats love it!

The (fully washable) pEiPod has a fluffy, soft cushion that suits your cat's need to have softness and fluffiness, but the bed itself also acts as a shelter, somewhere that is warm and cosy, where your cool cat can be cool and aloof, where it can do its thing without having you adoring it or playing with it. After all, cats need some time off too; they can't simply be around 24/7 for you to lavish affection on; they have things to do! You may not know what your cat is doing. You may simply not understand what it is doing, but it is cat business and therefore, by definition is nothing to do with you.

But cats will never, ever, ever do anything in the cold. Cats adore warmth and they have an inherent need to have cosy snuggles. That is why cats simply look on radiator beds as being an abomination; they may be warm, but they don't allow the cat any kind of snuggles and cuddles. This is almost feline abuse in the eyes of your precious princess or your precious prince. So what can you do? Well you can set about rectifying the yawning chasm in your cat's life by ensuring that it has at least one pEiPod.

Each precious feline princess will need at least one pink bed. Each Tom will require one, preferably in mint, which is a cool colour for a cool cat. Humans should also note that feline preferences dictate that there should be one in each room, then when the cat decides to snooze/catnap/have 40 winks; it can do so without having the discomfort of walking from one room to another. You may, however, omit a pEikitty from the toilet and perhaps the kitchen, unless it is very warm, but otherwise all rooms should be fitted with a nice feline bed. After all, cats never suffer from insomnia, so they need lots of places to sleep and you are very, very lucky being allowed to share your life and your home with a feline friend, so why not show him or her just how much you appreciate them!

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