Coolanger is a Reliable Online Anger Management Class

Mount Pleasant, Texas (PressExposure) July 25, 2009 -- It's been four years since I promoted my Coolanger Anger Management education to be taught online. Now I really have some diversified results. As one of the online pioneers of teaching anger management online, I am here to tell you to be careful when using online anger management classes for court ordered recommendations. After all, most county's in Texas have to grant preapproval before they will count the class. There are many sites that will advertise that their program is approved by the courts. Remember that your court jurisdiction may not recognize that particular program, even if another court has in the past. Beware of these sites as I have seen many of them come and go.

One thing that has gotten my attention is the using of the Coolanger online program by the common public. I did not envision this aspect as I have received many thank you letters from individuals and couples who were having marital problems or just unhappiness in life that viewed the program for self help purposes and reported valuable benefits. By no means would I ever suggest that the Coolanger online program take the place of counseling, however it can be beneficial as an added self help program.

Another area that seems to be growing is the human recourses utilization of the online Coolanger Program. This program seems to be an excellent fit for companies whom have employees that tend to arouse conflict at work. The company doesn’t want to get rid of the employee, but does want to promote appropriate employee interaction. The program still just cost $25, and can be downloaded to view in privacy or at work centers. The client then takes an online test to see how much retention was achieved. The test is automatically graded and then a Texas Licensed Professional Counselor hand signs an embossed uniquely numbered certificate that will be mailed to the employee. This is better than other sites that produce a certificate to print in that it prevents the counterfeiting the certificate. After all, Coolanger Anger Management Certificates can even be verified by calling or emailing the Licensed Professional Counselor Joseph D. Hayes at his site

Remember all online anger management sites are not equal. In Texas each county has to approve a program before they accept it as a recommendation. A person needs to ask his attorney, probation officer or Judge about approval before taking an online anger management course. If a authority figure has questions about the Cool anger program I am available by phone 7 days a week to assist in any acceptance approval. If you have questions, feel free to email Mr. Hayes at

Joseph D. Hayes MS,LPC,NCC.

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